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Please Contact your SBOE Member!

On Friday, September 11, the State Board of Education will vote on eight new charter school applications — representing 18 new campuses across the state — that have been approved by Commissioner of Education Mike Morath.

The charter applications approved by the commissioner are:

The board will either vote to take no action, meaning the commissioner’s approvals will stand, or vote to veto his decisions, meaning the applications would not be approved. There must be at least eight votes to veto an approved charter application.

Last week, 20 education organizations, including TASA, sent this letter to SBOE members outlining concerns with the applications and their impact on school districts.

Please contact your SBOE member before Friday’s board vote to express any concerns with the impact the approval of these charters will have on school districts and/or the ongoing costs to the state.

Find contact information for SBOE members.

Watch the SBOE meeting on Friday.