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Engaging with Policymakers Toolkit

Resources to assist you as you engage with your elected officials in an effort to influence legislation and policy to benefit Texas public schools and students

NEW! AASA Video Features Interview with Brian Woods, TASA Deputy Executive Director of Advocacy
An AASA “Extras” video spotlighting the organization’s December 2023 issue of its School Administrator magazine, which examines the essential role of superintendents as advocates in legislative and public policy, highlights an article by TASA Executive Director Kevin Brown and Brian Woods, TASA Deputy Executive Director of Advocacy titled “Retooling Your Legislative Advocacy” and includes an interview with Woods in which he talks about advocacy and shares some tips. Watch the video and read the issue.

2023 Special Session Engagement Toolkit
Several Texas school districts collaborated to create a Special Session Engagement Toolkit for school districts to use during the fall 2023 special session. The toolkit is designed to make it easy for districts to get engaged and keep messaging consistent across the state to amplify the support for public education with Texas lawmakers. The toolkit includes suggested events and activities, including sample emails and social media posts. Talking points are also included for use during events with community members, local businesses, and local PTAs/PTOs. Districts can use the draft language as-is or personalize it. Click on the “School District Action Plan” and “Key Messages” tabs at the bottom of the Google Doc to access all the resources.

12 Ways School Leaders Can Connect with Lawmakers
Download this TASA-produced PDF that provides 12 tips on how school leaders can engage with locally elected officials and lawmakers and share with them the good things that are happening in Texas public schools.

The Legislative Process in Texas
This PDF publication, produced by the Texas Legislative Council, provides a general summary of the different phases of the legislative process. The process described specifies “bill,” although resolutions follow similar steps. Pages 15-16 are flowcharts of both the House and Senate processes for passing bills/resolutions.

TASA’s 2023 Legislative Priorities
During the 88th session of the Texas Legislature, TASA will support or initiate legislation that aligns with the association’s positions and priorities and work with other associations and groups to advocate for the positions and priorities outlined in the 2023 TASA Legislative Positions & Priorities document. Download a PDF version.

TASA’s Talking Points 
TASA prepares talking points documents for use by school leaders when discussing important issues with legislators during legislative sessions. See/download talking points.

Joint Legislative Agenda on Charter School Transparency
Teacher groups, school administrators, school board members, and public education advocates came together in 2019 to support a legislative agenda to increase the transparency and efficiency of charter schools in Texas. Get the details.

Contact Information for Texas Legislators
See this list for links to find out who represents you, look up legislators by chamber or committee, download a list of email addresses for lawmakers, and more.

Legislative Advocacy 101
TASA Governmental Relations produced a list of tips for how to meaningfully engage legislators on topics important to Texas public education. Download in presentation slide format, or download this two-page PDF flier to share.

Legislative Dates of Interest
See this list of important dates for the regular session of the 88th Texas Legislature (2023).