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Leading Schools into the Future

TASA offers authentic, hands-on learning experiences that are designed by superintendents, professional learning for district and campus leaders who want to develop as transformational leaders, and opportunities for networking and collaboration that will help you take your campus or district to the next level. Through our partnership with N2 Learning, we offer leadership development for assistant principals, principals, and central office administrators.

Breakaway Leadership

Breakaway Leadership is a leadership development program designed for superintendents who want to learn skills and habits to set them apart from other leaders. By focusing on developing and improving all aspects of their well-being – mental, social-emotional, physical – participants will come to the leadership table with a level of fitness that enables them to lead from a position of strength and clarity – all day every day.

Executive Leadership Groups

TASA is partnering with Lyle Kirtman, CEO of Future Management Systems Inc., to bring his in-depth leadership development program to Texas. Kirtman has asked Karen Rue, former Texas superintendent and nationally known school leader, to lead the Texas Executive Leadership Groups — cohorts of eight to 11 Texas superintendents who meet for a series of virtual sessions.

Future-Ready Superintendents Leadership Network

FRSLN is a superintendent-designed and superintendent-led group of future-focused school leaders who, with TASA support, gather for events that provide authentic learning experiences that help them expand their leadership beyond the local level and advance the principles of the school transformation.

Academy for Transformational Leadership

TASA’s Academy for Transformational Leadership is designed for campus and district leaders who are devoted to nurturing joyous student learning, creating inspiring workplaces for teachers and all staff, and envisioning school districts that are less like factories and more like organizations designed for learning.

TASA Partnership with N2 Learning

TASA partners with N2 Learning on several professional development offerings that further our mission of developing school leaders who create and sustain student-centered schools and develop future-ready students. These partnerships are one way we are working to provide learning opportunities that align with the various career pathways of TASA members and other school leaders.

Assistant Principal Leadership Academy

The Assistant Principal Leadership Academy not only prepares assistant principals to take on the role of principal, but also helps them to grow as transformational leaders.

The Principals’ Institute

PI allows principals to understand why transformation of public education is necessary, and develop the knowledge and skills required to lead and build the capacity to sustain transformation over time. 

Executive Leadership Institute

TASA partners with N2 Learning to offer the Executive Leadership Institute, which is designed to build the capacity of district executive leaders for system-wide improvements in teaching and learning.

Certificate Renewal and CPE Requirements

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