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Golden Deeds for Education


Recognizing Distinguished Service to Education

Given since 1964, the Golden Deeds for Education Award is a coveted award in the field of Texas education for distinguished service to education in the state. TASA and the Texas A&M University Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development co-present the award annually.

Selection Process

The Golden Deeds recipient is chosen by the Golden Deeds Award Committee, which reviews nominations submitted by school leaders and others across the state. The committee selects an individual who has, through actions and deeds, improved the educational system in Texas to enrich the lives of all Texas public school students.


2024 Award Nominations

Nominations for the 2024 award recipient, to be honored during the 2025 TASA Midwinter Conference, will be accepted in fall 2024.

Important Dates

2023 Golden Deeds for Education Award Recipient

James B. Crow, who retired as executive director of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) in 2021, was selected as the 2023 recipient of the Golden Deeds for Education Award. “Throughout his long career, he worked tirelessly to help lawmakers, policymakers, and local boards of education make informed decisions to support the best outcomes for every Texas student. … His unwavering devotion to providing excellent schools has served the education community well and provides a foundation for generations to come.”

Golden Deeds Award Recipients 1964-2023

2023James B. Crow
2022Brian T. Woods
2021Kim Alexander
2020Guy Sconzo
2019Cathy Bryce
2018Neal Adams
2017Karen Rue
2016Thomas Ratliff
2015Jimmie Don Aycock
2014Abelardo Saavedra
2013 Virginia Collier
2012 Lynn M. Moak
2011 F. Scott McCown
2010 Maria Hernandez Ferrier
2009 David Thompson
2008 Bill McKinney
2007 Leonard Merrell
2006 Joe Pirtle
2005 Bob Griggs
2004 James Terry
2003 Johnny L. Veselka
2002 Vialleau Wilkie
2001 Rick Perry
2000 Will D. Davis
1999 John Horn
1998 Jackie Christie
1997 Michael Moses
1996 Barry B. Thompson
1995 John R. Hoyle
1994 Robert W. Caster
1993 Norman Hall
1992 E.A. Sigler
1991 Pat Shell
1990 Linus Wright
1989 W.N. Kirby
1988 Jon Brumley
1987 Dan Long
1986 Raymon Bynum
1985 —
1984 Don Robbins
1983 Mary Ann Leveridge
1982 John Townley
1981 Marlin L. Brockett
1980 Charles F. Matthews
1979 Joe Kelly Butler
1978 Alton O. Bowen
1977 Frank W.R. Hubert
1976 Dana Williams
1975 Kate Bell
1974 R.E. Harris
1973 L.D. Haskew
1972 Leon Graham
1971 Frank M. Jackson
1970 J.W. Edgar
1969 Paul R. Hensarling
1968 Grady P. Parker
1967 —
1966 George B. Wilcox
1965 —
1964 A.M. Aikin