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TASA Strategic Framework

In 2018, TASA officially launched a long-range plan that will guide the association as it approaches its 100th anniversary in 2025 as well as a new logo and tagline to represent TASA’s vision. The TASA Strategic Framework — the result of more than a year of work by the TASA 2025 Task Force, a group of TASA members from across the state — lays out TASA’s aspirations and outlines the long-term strategies the association will use to reach them.

The framework identifies three strategic areas (professional learning experiences, community and policy advocacy, and member engagement and support), and declares aspirations that are aligned with those strategic areas:

By 2025, TASA aspires to cultivate a …

  • Cohesive, nationally recognized professional learning system that builds leadership capacity and a culture of transferable learning.
  • Deeply engaged membership that self-organizes around creating the highest level of leadership performance.
  • Diverse and extensive collaborative of champions equipped to advocate for an educated citizenry.

The framework also includes the long-term strategies that TASA will use to achieve these aspirations by 2025 – the results of which should benefit TASA members, the association as a whole, and Texas public education in the years to come:

  • Cultivate purposeful networks of leaders engaged in meaningful work that advances the principles in the New Vision for Public Education.
  • Recruit local advocates to connect with legislators and accelerate grassroots public school advocacy efforts.
  • Engage, mobilize, and collaborate with partners to advance effective education policy.
  • Encourage and support regional, participant-led experiences that increase access to learning and networking opportunities.
  • Develop a robust onboarding and mentorship experience that deepens personal connection to the association.
  • Implement an adaptive process to assess and design learning opportunities that align with the various career pathways of members.
  • Curate a “living library” of innovative transformational leadership practices from which leaders can learn from each other.
Download the TASA Strategic Framework PDF
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