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TASA’s Career Center is your one-stop online source for education-related employment opportunities across Texas. Job postings are uploaded by school districts, Texas’ Regional Education Service Centers, the Texas Education Agency, charter and private schools, and other education organizations in Texas. Openings include superintendent, central office, campus administrator, teacher, and professional support staff positions.

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Posting a Job

The superintendent of the school district (or superintendent/CEO of a private/charter school) must be a current TASA member in order for the district to post job openings in the TASA Career Center. However, anyone authorized to post jobs for the district/school may do so. To post job openings, you must have a TASA Member Services Center account. There is no cost to create an account.

Step 1

Log in to the TASA Member Services Center. (See Accessing the TASA Member Services Center for step-by-step instructions.)

Step 2

Go to the My Account tab.

Step 3

Click the My Organization link in the left navigation.

Step 4

Click on Manage Job Postings in the left navigation.

Step 5

Click Post a New Job.

Step 6

Select a contact person for the posting from the displayed list of individuals in your district. If you do not see the person who needs to be the contact, that person must create an account in the Member Services Center. Once that person’s account is complete, that name will display in the contact list. (See Accessing the TASA Member Services Center for step-by-step instructions for creating a new account.)

Step 7

Scroll down and enter the requested information: ESC region, deadline, job title, school name, and campus description.

Step 8

Scroll down and select the most relevant choices under District Category/Employer, Position, and Level. Below that, select the most relevant choices under Area, Core Subject/Elective, and Career & Technology. These choices will determine how your job opening will appear in the Career Center’s search engine for users.

Step 9

Scroll down and enter the requested information: number of job openings, full/part-time, job description, qualifications, salary range, benefits, how to apply, and an archive date for your posting.

Step 10

Click Submit and you’re done!

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