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Student Membership

If you are currently enrolled in a college or university department of educational administration and you are not employed in a full-time district-level administrative position you are eligible for Student Membership. (Full-time campus-level administrators enrolled in a college or university department of educational administration may join as Student Members. District-level administrators enrolled in a college or university department of educational administration must join as Active Members.)

Annual Dues

$75 (Student members do NOT have the right to vote, hold office, or receive legal support from TASA.)

The TASA membership year runs September 1 of the current year through August 31 of the next year. TASA does not prorate dues for memberships that begin after September 1.

Why Join?

  • opportunities for networking, collaboration, and leadership — TASA members benefit from many valuable opportunities — both organized and informal, in-person and virtual — to connect with colleagues. They also have access to TASA’s Career Center, a job posting site featuring thousands of employment opportunities.
  • experiences and resources that allow you to grow as a school leader — Get discounted rates on professional learning experiences, including innovative conferences like TASA Midwinter — the most popular annual conference for Texas school leaders.
  • access to mental health/wellness programs — TASA members and their families have access to mental health and stress-reduction/wellness programs that support their overall well-being.
  • resources that help you stay informed and advocate for public education in Texas — Receive daily education news via our popular TASA Daily e-newsletter and Capitol Watch Alert legislative/policy emails, comprehensive bill summaries, our INSIGHT professional journal, Texas School Business magazine, and a host of other tools and resources to stay up to date on education issues and advocate for Texas public schools.
  • scholarship eligibility — Active members who are doctoral students are eligible to apply for TASA’s Johnny L. Veselka Scholarship.

Student Verification Process

If you’re interested in Student Membership, you should first complete the online TASA Student Membership Verification form, which will require a current student ID#, college/university attending, sponsoring professor, and that professor’s email address. Once your student information has been verified, you will be added to our student group and sent instructions for completing your TASA student membership.

More Info on TASA Member Benefits

How to Join/Renew Once You are Verified

Other Membership Categories

TASA Member Information Privacy Statement

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