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Executive Director’s Blog

Kevin Brown, Ed.D., joined the staff in 2018 as TASA’s fourth executive director. Formerly the superintendent of Alamo Heights ISD and a past TASA state president, he chaired the TASA 2025 Task Force, which developed the TASA Strategic Framework, a plan to ensure TASA’s continued success.

A Case Against School Vouchers

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan and Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill crossed political boundaries to enact legislation at the federal level. Although they had political differences, there was a sense that they were working for the common good and each knew they...

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We Must Celebrate the Successes

Let’s face it, the past two-plus years have been a challenge, though the word “challenge” may be the understatement of the century. We can wallow in that if we want (I certainly have done it more than my fair share) or we can celebrate that, in spite of the...

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Prepare Like a Prize Fighter

Being an educator has never been easy. Educators are called to serve, so they instinctively put the needs of others ahead of their own. They spend countless hours designing lessons, grading work, coaching individual children, completing endless paperwork, dealing with...

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Showing Up for Your Community

For the past 18 months, I have had a bit of survivor’s guilt. After 28 years of serving in public schools, the last 10 as a superintendent, I left school district work to serve at TASA in 2018. In the best of times, being a superintendent is barely sustainable, though...

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The Benefits of Local Engagement

Tip O’Neill, the legendary U.S. Speaker of the House in the 1980s, was famous for getting things done in a bipartisan fashion, most notably with President Ronald Reagan. He is also famous for saying “all politics is local.” That is, while national politics might be...

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Teacher Appreciation Week is Coming!

Teachers have a special place in my heart. They are part of my DNA … literally. Both of my parents taught in public schools, including my mom, who taught at my elementary school. They were my first teachers, and they instilled in me the importance of service to others...

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Hands down. While I like all of the holidays, there is just something special about Thanksgiving. Maybe that is thanks to my mother. One of the many lessons she taught me was gratitude. No, she never sat me down and said, “Kevin,...

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The First and Second Times I Voted

The first time I voted, I skipped down the ballot and voted for one person: my father, who was running for city council. He was unopposed, but it felt good because he is a great man and, well, he is my dad. Along with my father, many of our close family friends were...

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A Time to Lead

Several years ago, during the recognition of TASA Honorary Life members, a superintendent was walking across the stage when Commissioner of Education Robert Scott stepped to the microphone. He said, “You know, you have been superintendent of the same school district...

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Thank you to TASA Corporate Partners ETS and LPA for their sponsorship of Executive Director Kevin Brown’s speaking engagements during the 2020-21 school year!

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