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Managing Your District

TASA offers essential training to beginning superintendents on the day-to-day responsibilities of managing a school district as well as learning opportunities for administrators at all experience levels centered around budget/school finance, personnel and facility management, and more.

School Finance
Template Boot Camp
(formerly Budget Boot Camp)

TASA’s School Finance Template Boot Camp (formerly known as Budget Boot Camp), redesigned in 2020 and renamed this year, has long been considered a valuable asset to administrators, but the 2019 Legislature’s House Bill 3 and the financial challenges school districts are facing as a result of the pandemic make attending the 2023 Budget Boot Camp more important than ever.

Budget Cohort for Texas District Leaders

TASA has joined with TASB and TASBO to offer comprehensive budget development training for school district teams. The training is designed to allow your district to better utilize its finance and business functions to support and enhance other areas, including curriculum and instruction, human resources, and special programs.

First-Time Superintendents Academy

TASA’s First-Time Superintendents Academy provides valuable training for first- and second-year superintendents on managing a school district. Topics include assessing the district’s financial situation, beginning- and end-of-year responsibilities, the logistics of working with a school board, and more.

Certificate Renewal and CPE Requirements

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