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Academy for Transformational Leadership

TASA’s year-long, four-session Academy for Transformational Leadership is designed for school leaders who are passionate about the transformation of public education in Texas. If you are a campus or district leader devoted to nurturing joyous student learning, creating inspiring workplaces for teachers and all staff, and envisioning school districts that are less like factories and more like organizations designed for learning, the academy is for you.

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About the Academy

Academy Foundation

The conceptual base and assumptions about leadership discussed in the academy come from Schlechty Center frameworks and encompass the six articles of the TASA visioning document, Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas.

Key Concepts

  • Transformation and the Learning Organization
  • Directional System and Superordinate Goal
  • Core Business
  • Continuity of Direction

What Participants Do

Academy activities, including reading, deepening thinking through structured discussions and activities, exchanging ideas with invited speakers, and applying new ideas in their workplaces, prepare leaders to contribute to the future of public education in their districts.

Participants come to understand what is required to build district capacity for change and for joyous student learning, and to become future-oriented organizational architects who understand social systems and their critical function in shaping public education.

Benefits of Participation

By the end of the academy, participants compile a portfolio reflecting their:


  • Commitment to and capability for leading Texas school districts into the future
  • Artifacts of individual or collective work pursued in their roles as transformational leaders
  • New understandings and strategies for sustaining the direction of their districts and innovative work that supports that direction
  • Answers to the questions: What are the moral responsibilities of a transformational leader? What must a transformational leader know and be able to do?

What Participants Say

“The Academy for Transformational Leadership was an unbelievable experience! It allowed us to collaborate with staff from the Schlechty Center, other school districts, and local universities. It also created an opportunity for our team to spend quality time together focused on topics such as student engagement, lesson design, and how to better use technology in our classrooms. As we build capacity, it will be valuable for more of our team to have these experiences.”

Ariel Elliott

Superintendent, Greenwood ISD


John Horn

John Horn is the former superintendent of Mesquite ISD, a senior associate with the Schlechty Center, and a TASA consultant.

Nancy Rindone-Doughney

Nancy Rindone-Doughney is a senior associate with the Schlechty Center.

CPE Hours

The Academy for Transformational Leadership offers up to 48 hours of Continuing Professional Education credit.


Maria Cruz

Learning & Events