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District Services & Subscriptions

TASA members may purchase and/or subscribe to these optional district services and subscriptions, which can help you make an even greater impact on your schools and community. Link to details on those options below.

Optional Services for Districts

Employee Health/Wellness Program

TASA partners with Wondr Health to support school employee wellness in Texas. School districts receive special pricing when they add Wondr Health to their benefits plans — a move that not only helps valued employees lead healthier, happier lives and better serve students, but also potentially reduces health care costs, which have a real impact on districts’ financial bottom line and ability to allocate more resources into district classrooms.

District Data Analytics

TASA, TASB, and TASBO partner with Frontline Education (formerly Forecast5 Analytics) to offer districts an array of analytic tools that can assist in analyzing operational data and performance. State-of-the-art analytics solutions help district leaders tap into their data to make more informed decisions for the benefit of their students and communities. There are strategic, actionable insights waiting for you in your data. Let Frontline Analytics help you access them quickly and easily.

Curriculum Management Audits

The Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center offers several cost-effective audit services to Texas school districts: Curriculum Management Audits™, Small Schools Audits, Program-Specific Audits, and Individual School Audits. The Center also offers the TASA-CMSi Assistance Cadre, which provides research-based, dynamic professional development to help district meet the needs delineated in their Curriculum Audits.  

Texas Association of School Board Services

TASA partners with TASB on the following four TASB-related entities and encourages TASA members to consider using these programs in their districts.

As the official purchasing cooperative of TASA, BuyBoard has delivered vast economies of scale in purchasing products and services to BuyBoard members since 1998. Combining the purchasing power of governmental entities assists members — big and small — in leveraging to achieve better pricing on products, equipment, and services they use every day.

The Lone Star Investment Pool can help school districts find the right blend of principal protection, liquidity, diversification, and returns. Distributed by First Public, a subsidiary of TASB, Lone Star focuses on preserving the safety of principal while positioning for the highest possible rate of return.

The TASB Energy Cooperative offers a fixed-rate fuel program that helps districts budget with certainty and meet state procurement laws, including an online request for quote (RFQ) feature, which allows members to request spot pricing that be finalized in a matter of days instead of a lengthy bid/proposal process.

The TASB Risk Management Fund is a financially strong self-insured risk pool that has helped Texas school districts protect their resources since 1974. The Fund’s comprehensive risk solutions include auto, school liability, property, privacy and information security, workers’ compensation, and unemployment compensation coverage.

Subscription Services for Districts

Accountability Support

TASA partners with lead4ward to provide accountability support to districts and ESCs through accountabilityconnect, a subscription-based district support service with a focus on classroom instruction and student learning that helps campus and district leaders make sense of the complexities surrounding assessment and accountability systems so they can more effectively lead and support sound instructional practices. 

Legislative & Public Policy Services

TASA’s Governmental Relations team helps us maintain the visibility and respect needed to effectively advocate for public schools. These efforts require significant time, energy, and resources — beyond that funded by regular membership dues. Your district’s support of TASA’s Legislative and Public Policy Services allows TASA to dedicate the resources needed to monitor and influence legislative and public policy matters on behalf of your district.

Small Schools Network

TASA-member superintendents of districts with fewer than 1,200 members may add a district subscription to the Small Schools Network to their TASA membership. The subscription allows the superintendent and either one or two other district leaders to participate in customized professional development and networking events held in small districts across Texas.

School Transformation Network

TASA-member superintendents may add a district subscription to the School Transformation Network to their TASA membership to allow all TASA members in their districts access to six “power hour” virtual events on finance, staffing, board relations, and more — the systems that support instruction.