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Advancing Your Career

TASA, through a partnership with N2 Learning, offers leadership development opportunities for assistant principals, principals, and central office administrators. We also offer in-depth learning opportunities for those who aspire to be superintendents, as well as comprehensive training, resources, and mentoring for first- and second-year superintendents.

TASA Partnership with N2 Learning Develops Transformational Leaders

TASA partners with N2 Learning on several professional development offerings that further our mission of developing school leaders who create and sustain student-centered schools and develop future-ready students. These partnerships are one way we are working to provide learning opportunities that align with the various career pathways of TASA members and other school leaders.

Assistant Principal Leadership Academy

The Assistant Principal Leadership Academy not only prepares assistant principals to take on the role of principal, but also helps them to grow as transformational leaders.

New 2 Principalship

New for 2024-25 … a collaborative coaching series through which small groups of new principals, accompanied by experienced coaches, have the opportunity to meet online monthly to address common issues faced by new principals.

The Principals’ Institute

PI allows principals to understand why transformation of public education is necessary, and develop the knowledge and skills required to lead and build the capacity to sustain transformation over time. 

Executive Leadership Institute

TASA partners with N2 Learning to offer the Executive Leadership Institute, which is designed to build the capacity of district executive leaders for system-wide improvements in teaching and learning.

Career Development for Aspiring Superintendents

Aspiring Superintendents Academy

Recently redesigned, this annual academy, offered during the four consecutive days of the TASA Midwinter Conference each January, is designed for those who aspire to become superintendents, with focuses on both how to get the job and how to be successful in the job.

Aspiring Superintendents Summer Series

The Aspiring Superintendents Summer Series, offered online across three Friday afternoons, is an opportunity for all aspiring superintendents, whether they attended the academy or not, to learn about interviewing, developing entry plans, and understanding school finance.

Career Development for New & Practicing Superintendents

First-Time Superintendents Academy

TASA’s First-Time Superintendents Academy (FTSA) — the go-to training for beginning Texas superintendents for decades — has been designed around the most important learning outcomes for first- and second-year superintendents.

Superintendent Mentoring Program

TASA’s Superintendent Mentoring Program is embedded in our First-Time Superintendents Academy, through which participants will meet state requirements for mentoring with 36 hours of professional learning and monthly meetings with their mentors.

Executive Coaching Network

The TASA Executive Coaching Network strategically pairs clients (practicing superintendents like you) with experienced executive coaches (most are current or former school superintendents) who are trained to guide you through a thought-provoking and creative coaching process to identify strategic goals, develop actionable plans, enhance your leadership practices, and unlock your full potential.

Certificate Renewal and CPE Requirements