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Financial Planning Services for TASA Members

Because your financial well-being is essential today and in the future, TASA members in the Active Membership Category are eligible for a variety of important financial planning services at reduced rates, including two free hours of financial consultation paid by TASA

Through a special arrangement with TASA Corporate Partner TCG, eligible members may get assistance with the following.

Financial and Retirement Planning

A financial plan is a strategic plan for a person’s own life. Owning your goals and developing a strategy to achieve them is a critical part of becoming financially well. Understanding how your pension, retirement savings, and other aspects can work together to give you the ability to make decisions about your financial future. For educators, that does not mean just saving. It means knowing which TRS benefit and health care option is right for you and being confident that you have appropriately completed each of the TRS forms.

Contract Compensation Analysis

TCG works collaboratively with Cory Hartsfield, P.C., to provide a comprehensive compensation analysis to determine if a market adjustment to the superintendent’s compensation is appropriate and work with the superintendent (or lone finalist) to determine what benefits are appropriate for the agreement and are aligned with the long-term financial goals of the superintendent.

Contract Implementation Support

Having a good contract is important, but if it is not implemented correctly, it can create several issues for the superintendent and/or district. TCG will work with the district’s business office to ensure that the contract is properly implemented regarding its impact on TRS and that any deferred compensation plans are compliant with applicable IRS statutes.

Aspiring Superintendent Support

High-quality school leaders are critical to the success of the public school system, making it imperative that aspiring leaders be prepared for the challenges they will face throughout their path to the superintendency. TASA has several resources to help prepare you for the day-to-day challenges, and TCG can help prepare you for the position by helping aspiring superintendents evaluate open positions, review their resumes, and prepare compensation packages.

Investment Management

There is a difference between saving and investing. One is for expenses in the short-to-medium term, while the other is for long-term wealth building, as it is important to make sure each dollar intended for the future is put in the appropriate bucket. Similarly, not every investment is the same. Some 403(b)/457b products may be appropriate for you, but others are high-fee and may have surrender penalties that do not fit your needs. You can learn more about the various investment options by visiting TASBO’s 403(b) Transparency page and by discussing your investment options with a TCG advisor.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just creating a will. Estate planning ranges from establishing trusts and creating a power of attorney, to planning to reduce your taxable estate, to planning charitable gifting. TCG advisors can help incorporate estate planning into your overall financial planning and coordinate with outside attorneys to help set up any legal documents.

Tax Planning

A key component of financial planning is gaining tax efficiency. TCG advisors work with you using a holistic approach that incorporates your wealth management goals to help you retain as much of your earned income as possible.

About TCG

Here’s your chance to take financial well-being off your someday list.

TCG delivers investment and retirement planning solutions that provide peace of mind and lead clients to financial success. Learn more about this longtime TASA Corporate Partner and read some FAQS about their services.


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The financial planning services benefit is available only to TASA members in the Active Membership Category. Membership status will be verified before services are rendered.

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Executive Assistant, Member Engagement & Support


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