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Superintendent Mentoring Program

TASA is proud to launch our reimagined mentorship program for first-time superintendents in Texas in 2019-20 and will begin training new mentors in conjunction with the 2020 TASA Midwinter Conference. The program has been redesigned by the TASA Professional Learning Committee over the past two years to build deeper connections and engagement between our First-Time Superintendents Academy attendees and their superintendent mentors.

Next Mentor Training

Sat 25

Superintendent Mentor Training

January 25 @ 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

About the Program

Why Participate?

State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) rule (19 TAC Section 242.25) states that all superintendents in the first year of the superintendency and superintendents new to Texas must participate in a one-year mentorship that includes at least 36 hours of professional development and contact with a mentor at least once per month. The mentorship must be completed within 18 months of employment in the superintendency. TASA’s superintendent mentoring program is designed to help new superintendents enrolled in the First-Time Superintendents Academy to meet the requirements of the SBEC rule.

How the Program Works

Participants will meet the state requirement for 36 hours of professional learning through participation in the First-Time Superintendents Academy, and they will meet monthly with their mentors to satisfy the mentoring contact requirement. Mentor superintendents are expected to meet face to face with mentees for at least six of the 12 required monthly contacts; the remaining six contacts may be conducted via phone or email. Upon completion of the program, the new superintendent will send a completed Record of Contact form to their mentor and another copy to TASA, maintaining the original for their records.

How to Secure a Mentor

If you’re a first-time superintendent in need of a mentor to meet SBEC requirements, register for TASA’s First-Time Superintendents Academy (FTSA) today! You may start the year-long, four-session academy anytime during the school year and continue the academy into the next school year. For example, if you start with Session 3, held in November, you may then participate in Session 4 in February and then attend Sessions 1 and 2 the next August and September.

Interested in Being a Mentor?

TASA is seeking successful superintendents who meet the following requirements to serve as mentors:

  • certified in Texas as a superintendent
  • committed to spending the time needed to be a mentor
  • committed to completing the required mentor training
  • professionally committed to the Texas public education system
  • a current TASA member

Preference is given to TASA members committed to the New Vision for Public Education in Texas who are active in TASA’s Mission: School Transformation-related networking and professional learning.

Mentor Training

Training of mentor superintendents will be conducted two to three times per year. TASA’s “Inspiring Mentors: Superintendent Mentor Training” sessions will focus on the skills and superintendent competencies needed for mentors to build strong relationships, connect to First-Time Superintendents Academy session content, and provide coaching to new mentees. The next mentoring training will be held in conjunction with the 2020 TASA Midwinter Conference on Saturday, January 25, 2020, from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center.

Previous TASA Mentors

If you have previously served as a mentor in TASA’s mentoring program and wish to continue, please plan to attend one of our new mentor trainings by September 2021 (dates of additional offerings beyond January 2020 will be posted here). You will be kept on the mentor list until September 2021. If you would like to complete the new training at Midwinter 2020, complete and submit the online RSVP form by January 17.

How to Sign Up

If you want to serve as a mentor, complete and submit the online RSVP form to express your interest by January 17. A brief bio, CV, or resume, and professional headshot must be uploaded to the RSVP form.

CPE Hours

The TASA Superintendent Mentoring Program provides 36 hours of Continuing Professional Education credit through participation in the TASA First-Time Superintendents Academy.


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