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2021 School Board Election Law Calendar

The following are important dates related to the Tuesday, November 2, 2021, school board trustee election. If you have any question regarding election procedures, contact the Elections Division Office of the Secretary of State, 800.252.VOTE (8683).

Note on Joint Election Requirement

The joint election requirement for school trustee elections under Section 11.0581 of the Education Code is met by complying with the requirement of using county election precincts on Election Day per Section 42.002 of the Election Code.

Note on Notice of Candidate Filing Periods

The authority with whom an application for a place on the ballot is filed must post a Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the Ballot in a building in which the authority maintains an office. The notice must be posted not later than the 30th day before the first day to file. (Sec. 141.040). If you order a special election to fill a vacancy, the order must include the filing deadline; we recommend posting the notice of the filing period as soon as practicable after a special election is ordered. Note that an application for a place on the ballot for a special election may not be filed before the election is ordered.

Note of Notice of Election

School districts are required to publish their notice in a newspaper at least once between the 30th day and the 10th day before the election (October 3-October 23). School district must also post notice on the governmental bulletin board used for posting notice of public meetings, no later than October 12. All days and hours for early voting by personal appearance including voting on any Saturday or Sunday must be included in the notice of the election. Notice of the election must be delivered to the county clerk and voter registrar of each county in which the school district is located not later than the 60th day before Election Day (September 4). The election notice, which includes the days and hours of early voting, must be posted on the school district’s website, if it maintains a website.

Notice of Previous Polling Place

If a different polling place is being used from the previous location held by the same authority, notice must be posted at the entrance of the previous polling place informing voters of the current polling place location, if possible.

July 17

  • First day to apply for a place on the ballot.

August 16 (78th day BED)

  • Deadline to order a general election, unless otherwise provided in the Election Code.
  • 5 p.m. Last day to file for place on ballot.
  • Last day to order a special election to fill a vacancy.
  • An application by mail is considered to be filed when it is received.

August 20 (74th day BED)

  • 5 p.m. Deadline for write-in candidates to file declarations of write-in candidacy.
  • First day for notice of ballot draw

August 23 (71st day BED)

  • Recommended first day that an election may be canceled if all filing deadlines have passed and each candidate for an office listed on the ballot is unopposed.
  • Last day for candidates to withdraw.
  • Recommended deadline to hold drawing of ballot order.

September 3

  • Deadline to deliver notice of the election to the county election officer and voter registrar for each county in which the district is located.
  • Must post notice on website

September 13 – December 12 (50th day BED – 40th day After Election Day (AED))

  • Mandatory office hours. Secretary of governing body must keep office open for election duties for at least three hours each day, during regular office hours, on regular business days.

September 18 (45th day BED)

  • Deadline to mail overseas and military ballots.
  • Early voting clerk may begin mailing early voting ballots to applicants as soon as ballots are available.

October 3 (30th BED)

  • First day of a period during which notice of any school district election must be published. This notice must be published in a newspaper that is published within the boundaries of the school district, or if no newspaper is published within the district, in a newspaper of general circulation in the district. The notice must include the nature and date of the election, the location of each polling place, the hours the polls will be open, the regular dates and hours for early voting by personal appearance, the dates and hours of any Saturday or Sunday early voting, the location of the main early voting polling place, and the early voting clerk’s mailing address. The notice must be posted on the school district’s website, if it maintains a website.

October 4 (29th day BED)

  • Last day a person may register to vote in the November 3 election.
  • Recommended last day for early voting clerk to order supplemental and registration correction lists, if applicable.
  • Last day for a voter to make a change of address that will be effective for the election.

October 12 (21st day BED)

  • Deadline to post notice of election on bulletin board used for posting notices of meetings of school board.

October 18 (15th day BED)

  • First day to vote early in person.
  • School districts are required to be open during the entire early voting period.
  • Last day to notify presiding judges of duty to hold election (Writ of Election).
  • If an FPCA is received by this date without a postmark to prove the mailing date, the early voting clerk will accept the FPCA and mail the applicant a full ballot even if the applicant is not a permanently registered voter but meets the requirements under Title 2 of the Election Code.

October 22 (11th day BED)

  • Last day to receive an FPCA from a registered voter.
  • Last day to receive an application for ballot by mail.

October 23 (10th day BED)

  • Last day to publish notice of any school district election.

October 29 (4th day BED)

  • Last day to vote early by personal appearance.

November 1 (Day BED)

  • Last day to submit an application for emergency early ballot due to death in the family.
  • Last day for early voting clerk to deliver the precinct early voting lists.

November 2 (Election Day)

  • 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Polls are open. Early voting clerk and voter registrar’s offices are open. Early voting office is open for early voting activities.
  • 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Early voting clerk’s office is open for voting by disabled and ill persons when electronic voting systems are used at regular polling place(s) on Election Day and the voter has a sickness or condition that prevents the voter from voting in the regular manner.
  • 5 p.m. Deadline for receiving applications for late ballots to be voted by persons who became ill or disabled on or after October 21.
  • 7 p.m. Deadline for receiving early voting ballots by mail and late ballots cast by voters who became ill or disabled on or after October 21.
  • Early voting clerk must check mailbox for early voting mail ballots at least once after time for regular mail delivery. Clerk delivers voted ballots, key to double-locked ballot box, etc. to early voting ballot board at time or times specific by presiding judge of early voting ballot board, during the hours the polls are open, or as soon after the polls close as practicable.
  • All electronic voting system ballots shall be manually examined to determine if the ballots can be processed in the usual manner or if the ballots need to be duplicated to clearly reflect a voter’s intent.
  • All marked early voting ballots sent by mail from inside the U.S. must arrive before the time the polls are required to close. Marked ballots that are not timely returned may not be counted, unless the ballot was cast outside the U.S. If a ballot was cast outside the U.S. before 7 p.m. on Election Day, it is considered timely if it is received in the 5th day after the election.
  • The custodian (constable) of the key to the second lock on the double-locked early voting ballot box delivers his or her key to the presiding judge of the early voting ballot board on request of the presiding judge.
  • Early voting ballots may be delivered to the early voting ballot board at any time after personal appearance ends.
  • The second test of automatic tabulating equipment used or counting ballots at a central counting station must be conducted immediately before the counting of ballots with the equipment begins. The third test must be conducted immediately after the counting is completed.
  • Precinct election returns are delivered to the appropriate authorities after completion.

November 3 (1st Business day AED)

  • Deadline to receive “late domestic ballots” mailed within the United States from non-military voters who submitted an Application for Ballot by Mail (“ABBM”).
  • Deadline for general custodian of election records to deliver provisional ballots to voter registrar by this day and during regular business hours.
  • NOTE: A school district located in more than one county will have to make delivery of the provisional ballots and forms to the voter registrar in each county in which the school district is located.
  • As soon as practicable, post additional election information, including:
    • results
    • total number of votes cast
    • total votes cast for each candidate or for or against each measure
    • total number cast by personal appearance on Election Day
    • total number cast by personal appearance or by mail-in early voting
    • total number of counted and uncounted provisional ballots

November 5 (3rd day AED)

  • Last day for districts using electronic voting systems, except for a voting system that uses DREs, to begin a partial manual count of the ballots in three precincts or one percent of the precincts, whichever is greater. Results of manual count must be mailed to Secretary of State not later than the third day after the manual count is completed.
  • First day to conduct local canvass, but early voting ballot board has verified and counted all provisional ballots and all timely receiving mailed ballots.
  • First day a trustee can assume office. (Please note that canvass must be accomplished prior to assumption of office)

November 8 (First business day after 5th day AED)

  • Deadline for custodian of election records or presiding judge of the early voting ballot board to retrieve provisional ballots from county voter registrar.
  • Deadline to post requirements and deadline for November 8, 2022, trustee election

November 13 (11th day AED)

  • Last day to post notice to canvass the election.

November 14 (10th day AED)

  • Last day for presiding judge of the early voting ballot board to mail notices of rejected mail ballots to voters.

November 15 (14th day AED)

  • Last day for official canvass of returns by school board.

November 23 (21st day AED)

  • Last day to complete partial manual count.

November 29 (27th day AED)

  • Last day for the presiding judge of the early voting ballot to mail notices of outcome of provisional ballots to voters if the local canvass was held on the last day of the canvass period, November 15, 2021.

December 2 (30th day AED)

  • Last day to file electronic precinct-by-precinct returns with the Secretary of State.

December 10 (38th day AED)

  • Last day of the period for mandatory office hours.

January 2, 2022 (61st day AED)

  • First day ballot boxes may be unlocked and its voted ballots be transferred to another secure container for the remainder of the preservation period.

September 3, 2023 (day after 22 months after November 2, 2021, election)

  • Ballot box contents may be destroyed if no contest or criminal investigation has arisen and if no open records request has been filed. NOTE: Election results must be permanently maintained in the election register. Candidate locations must be retained by the school board for two years after date of election.


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