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College + University + State Agency Membership

If you are employed full time in a college or university department of educational administration or are an employee of a Texas state agency, you are eligible for College + University + State Agency Membership.

Annual Dues

$75 (one-half the minimum annual membership fee for Active Members who are not superintendents)

Why Join?

  • opportunities for networking and collaboration — TASA members benefit from both organized and informal opportunities to connect with colleagues. As a college/university member, you have the opportunity to network with practicing school administrators at TASA events — both in-person and virtual.
  • savings on professional learning opportunities — TASA members are eligible for discounted rates on professional learning experiences, including innovative conferences like our 2020 TASA Virtual SummerCon, designed to connect Texas school leaders with valuable information from state officials, subject-matter experts, and fellow school leaders that will help in “Leading Our Schools Through Crisis and Preparing for a New Normal.”
  • to strengthen the profession and its preparation programs — Your membership helps support the development of aspiring superintendents and upper-level administrators, preparing them for the rigors of public school leadership and strengthening the profession.
  • to enjoy all the benefits of Active Membership, except the right to hold office

How to Join/Renew

Other Membership Categories

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