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“On March 16 and 17 only the leadership team reported to work. We planned remote instruction with the goal of moving to strictly high tech. On March 17 we used a Google survey to vet employees and determined many needed to stay home based on their spring break travels.

“On March 18 all other professional staff reported to get directions for planning for remote instruction. That was the only date since spring break that we required employees to report to work other than food service and transportation.

“We started with both low tech and high tech options for two weeks then moved April 6 to being all high tech no packages.

“Meals were provided March 18-20 for pickup from campuses. The next two weeks we provided meal pickup at seven locations. The week of April 6 and April 14 we are back to pickup locations at two campuses due to another campus having an employee whose spouse was exposed, and we decided to quarantine that campus and the bus drivers. On April 20 we will begin preparing three days of meals for pickup on Monday and three days of meals for pickup on Thursday, thus only having cafeteria employees in the facilities two days a week.

“Although we have not prohibited teachers or administrators from coming to the buildings to work we have strongly discouraged it. At this time only one or two teachers are coming to their classrooms. Most all work is being done from home by leadership team.

“This is a link to our website. I will add specific links as I drill into the website for reference:

“Finally, I do a weekly video message.”

Submitted by Michelle Carroll Smith, Superintendent, Lytle ISD

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