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CMSi Curriculum Management Planning Workshop

The CMSi Curriculum Management Planning Workshop is a two-day training that focuses individuals on the key components of a quality written plan that outlines the priorities and procedures involved with managing written curriculum in the district to assure alignment and to support the most effective instruction in every classroom.

TASA partners with Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc. (CMSi) to provide this Curriculum Management Planning Workshop as well as a Curriculum Writing Workshop and Level 1 and 2 Curriculum Management Audit Training. See a full list of offerings.

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About the Curriculum Management Planning Workshop


Built off the concepts and standards of the Curriculum Management Audit, the workshop reviews the 15 characteristics of a quality plan, and engages participants in reflection on the research concerning best practices, curriculum design, and effective instruction, particularly with underachieving or disadvantaged students.


Participants are asked to complete selected readings, made available electronically, prior to the workshop. Additional materials are provided at the workshop, as well as sample plans and a template for drafting a curriculum management plan.


Participants will work in teams to develop their definition of critical components of the plan, such as the district’s philosophy concerning teaching and learning, a definition of effective instruction, expectations for using data to plan instruction, a vision for what student-centered instruction really looks like, and an outline for the key steps in creating, delivering, and monitoring a quality written curriculum that supports these district values.


Participants leave the training with a framework for a plan in place and at least four to five characteristics or components defined in draft form.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is most appropriate for those personnel involved in leading curriculum development and at least one representative of those monitoring its delivery. This may include superintendents, chief academic officers, curriculum specialists, content department directors and chairs, district and campus instructional leaders, and individuals interested in becoming certified curriculum management auditors. District cohorts are encouraged to attend. Please note: Completion of Level 1 CMAT is required prior to attending CMSi’s Curriculum Management Planning Workshop.

CPE Hours

The CMSi Curriculum Management Planning Workshop offers up to 14 hours of Continuing Professional Education credit.

Curriculum Management Audits

Through the Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center, TASA offers cost-effective audit services to school districts.


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