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New in 2022-23, TASA members have access to two new benefits — included in the annual membership — that can help members and their family members reduce stress, improve their overall well-being, or more easily access mental health support services if needed.

Care Solace is a mental health care coordination service that TASA members and members of their households may use at no cost. If you feel parts of your personal or professional life need attention — especially if you’re stressed, depressed, or burned out — but don’t have time to navigate the complicated health care and insurance maze to get assistance, Care Solace can help you understand your options, call providers on your behalf, and even schedule appointments. Support is available in 200+ languages, and a dedicated Care Companion™ will help you every step of the way. Members may also use the Care Solace online tool on their own to find providers; information entered on the Care Solace tool is completely confidential and securely stored. Learn more about Care Solace.

eM Life is a platform through which TASA members and members of their household may access, at no charge, stress-reduction and mindfulness programs designed to enhance well-being in multiple languages on the web and via mobile app. eM Life offers programming — both live and on-demand — that fits any schedule. Whether you have an hour, a half-hour, or just a few minutes, you can find sessions, videos, articles, and more on topics such as leading through burnout, developing skills to thrive in anxious times, and overcoming negativity bias in the workplace. (Download this flier for “10 Short Everyday Mindfulness Practices.”) eM Life also offers immersive programs with once-per-week sessions led by expert teachers for those who need support for: workplace stress, compassion fatigue, weight balance, living with cancer, diabetes, and chronic pain, and more. Mindful Leaders Webinars help leaders lead through burnout, gain deeper clarity, and develop leadership presence. eM Life Weekly, an email newsletter for those who sign up for eM Life, highlights the newest offerings. Learn more about eM Life.

In addition, TASA’s Breakaway Leadership program is back for year two! It is a six-month leadership development program designed to help campus and district leaders learn new habits and skills that will enable them to perform at the highest levels of leadership 24/7. Topics include mental health, social-emotional health, stress management, sleep, time management, weight management, exercise, and how each area affects participants’ leadership capacity. Registration for the 2023 cohort opens October 14! Learn more about Breakaway Leadership.

2022-23 TASA members are invited to learn more about these programs and enroll online. Those who haven’t already renewed their TASA memberships for 2022-23 are encouraged to do so in order to access these great new programs.