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eM Life™: Stress Reduction Programs to Enhance Your Well-being

Let’s face it, leadership can be challenging! Unrelenting pressure often results in stress, anxiety, and poor “coping” habits. But eM Life™ can help TASA members reduce stress and make every moment matter! Members and their spouses/dependents now have access to the online platform at no extra cost — it’s part of the annual TASA membership!

eM Life™ offers interactive, live, and on-demand programs led by expert teachers on topics such as workplace stress, compassion fatigue, weight balance, living with cancer, diabetes, and chronic pain, and more. It also features Mindful Leaders Webinars to help leaders lead through burnout, gain deeper clarity, and develop a leadership presence.

eM Life™ App Features

  • eM Life™ Assistant – The eM Life™ Assistant provides personalized programs based on how you are feeling each day.
  • Live Sessions – Live 14-minute mindfulness sessions are offered multiple times a day.
  • Library of On-Demand Programs – Hundreds of hours of on-demand content on a wide range of topics including leadership, diversity, and inclusion and anxiety.
  • Live Monthly Programs – Live monthly programs are led by experts on stress reduction, self-compassion and more.
  • Access to Expert-Led Communities – eM Life™ provides access to expert-led communities for support through difficult emotions.
  • Support in Multiple Languages – eM Life™ is available in multiple languages on the web and mobile app (iOS and Android).
  • Mindfulness Minutes Match for Charity – For every minute of mindfulness you practice, eM Life donates a minute to your charity of choice through The Connection.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of connecting to the present moment with curiosity and kindness, strengthening your mental and physical well-being. It can help you:

  • Find relief from stress and anxiety
  • Build skills to manage complex emotions
  • Improve your sleep quality, relationships, and develop healthy habits
  • Enhance your ability to focus
  • Connect to your purpose and create connections with others

eM Life™ programs use mindfulness to teach skills to help you be fully aware and in the present moment without judgment. They help you create connections with yourself and others while building skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus, and enhance your overall well-being.

eM Life Programs

eM Life™ offers a full suite of purpose-driven programs that deliver proven outcomes:

Better Living with Diabetes

This program helps individuals with diabetes cope with the emotional and physical challenges of their condition, and the overall stress of making lifestyle changes. Participants build skills around nutrition, movement, social behaviors, and stress, helping them feel more confident about living with diabetes. 

Cultivating Compassion

This program builds skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to help individuals manage stress, foster positive relationships, and extend compassion to themselves and others. 

Living Well with Chronic Pain

This non-pharmacological pain management program, developed in collaboration with Vanderbilt University, helps individuals learn how to harness the power of the mind to reverse the disabling effects of chronic pain/MSK while easing associated symptoms of anxiety, depression, and returning to work. 

Mindfully Overcoming Addictive Behaviors

This program helps individuals overcome addictive behaviors of all kinds. Participants develop self-awareness skills to identify triggers, manage impulses, and shift limiting mindsets. 

Mindfulness at Work™: Stress Reduction

This program draws on 15 years of data-driven insights and delivers a dynamic experience that is designed for modern consumption habits to reduce stress and associated costs among our nation’s workforce. 

Mindfulness-based Cancer Recovery

The program, developed in collaboration with the University of Calgary, helps individuals with cancer increase immunological functioning and improve quality of life, focus, and decision-making skills. 

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Training

This program helps individuals build skills to foster positive feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and learn strategies to relate to difficult emotions in new and positive ways. 

QuitSmart™ Mindfully

This program helps individuals quit smoking within six months of beginning the program. Participants learn a variety of urge-surfing strategies to break through tobacco use and reduce behavioral patterns that interfere with their success. 

Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times

This program helps organizations address anxiety and the costs associated with it to create a more focused and productive workplace. 

The Journey Forward: Your M.M.A.P. For Success

This program, developed in collaboration with Veteran’s PATH, helps veterans and active military integrate mindfulness into everyday life and address issues that are unique to their circumstances. 

Weight Balance for Life

This program helps individuals with sustainable weight loss, and the social and emotional health issues associated with food. Participants establish more intentional behaviors around food and mindful eating, allowing them to improve their overall health. 

Effectiveness of Using eM Life™

About eM Life™ & Wondr Health

TASA has partnered with Wondr Health to provide eligible TASA members with access to eMindful’s eM Life program. eMindful delivers evidence-based mindfulness programs applied to everyday life and chronic conditions, promoting health, happiness, and performance. Wondr Health is an organization dedicated to helping people improve their physical and mental health to prevent and reverse the impact of chronic disease through science-based weight management and health improvement. (Wondr Health also partners with TASA to provide Texas school districts with special pricing when they contract with Wondr Health for their employees.)

Getting Started

Once you create an eM Life account and download the app, you will begin by taking the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-4), a widely used and validated instrument for measuring perception of stress, and you’ll enroll in a 1% Challenge where you practice mindfulness 14 minutes a day for 30 days. This quick start is specifically designed to build momentum from the onset of the program and help you forge healthier habits over the long-term.


Jessica Arceneaux

Executive Assistant, Member Engagement & Support


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