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TASA is pleased to support employee wellness in Texas school districts with a new partnership with Wondr Health, an organization dedicated to helping people improve their physical and mental health to prevent and reverse the impact of chronic disease through science-based weight management and health improvement.

Through a strategic arrangement with TASA, Texas school districts receive special pricing when they contract with Wondr Health.

Districts that add Wondr Health to their benefits plans will not only help their valued employees lead healthier, happier lives and better serve students, they will also potentially reduce health care costs, which have a real impact on districts’ financial bottom line and ability to allocate more resources into district classrooms.

Ponder ISD has contracted with Wondr Health, and Superintendent Jeremy Thompson has this to say about it: “I have personally used the program and our staff in Ponder is excited about tackling wellness as a team. I wholeheartedly encourage you to check out how a partnership with Wondr Health would benefit your staff and district. The team at Wondr Health believes that everyone is worthy of better health and operates with a passion and commitment for employee well-being, and they understand what staff, employers, brokers, and health plans need. Their goal is to be the easiest benefits vendor you will ever work with.”

To learn more, watch this short video and visit this website, then contact Todd Whitthorne, Wondr Health Chief Inspiration Officer, at 972.841.6532 or

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