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This article originally appeared in the spring 2022 issue of TASA’s INSIGHT.

Participation in the Breakaway Leadership program includes a 52-week membership to Wondr Health. A TASA Corporate Partner, Wondr Health provides a program that supports physical and mental wellness through a convenient app loaded with scientifically backed videos, tips and more.

Through the app, Wondr Health provides Breakaway Leadership participants weekly videos that focus on health-related skills in quick and easy-to-watch installments.

Rory Gesch of Alvin ISD says the Wondr Health app has given him tools and instructions that have supported his journey to better health in several ways. For instance, slowing down to savor his food at mealtimes not only supports his weight loss efforts, but helps him to pause and reflect during other activities, such as watching students perform or spending time with his family.

Sharon McKinney of Port Aransas ISD has also found Wondr Health helpful and easy to use. “You can use as much or as little of it as you want,” she says. “And it’s mostly asynchronous.”

Through TASA’s partnership, Texas school districts receive special pricing when they contract with Wondr Health.

“Districts that add Wondr Health to their benefits plans will not only help their valued employees lead healthier, happier lives and better serve students, they will also potentially reduce health care costs, which have a real impact on districts’ financial bottom line and ability to allocate more resources into district classrooms,” says TASA’s Charles Dupre.

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Interested in purchasing Wondr Health for your school employees? Contact Todd Whitthorne, Wondr Health Chief Inspiration Officer, at 972.841.6532 or