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How to Join/Renew TASA or Register for an Event

TASA’s online Member Services Center (MSC) is the place to go to join or renew your membership, manage district subscriptions, and register for conferences and events. You must have an online account to access the Member Services Center.

Accessing the TASA Member Services Center

Existing Account

If you already have an MSC account, you may log in using your username (district email address) and password to join TASA. If you forgot your password, you may retrieve it here.

Creating a New Account

If you do not already have an MSC account, you must create an account. If you have changed districts, see the instructions below before creating a new account.

Once you have completed and verified your account, please log in to update your profile information in the My Account tab.

If You've Changed Districts

Superintendents: If you are new to a district or were recently named superintendent in your current district, please DO NOT change your title or organization or create a new account. Notify TASA Membership and Registration Services at 800.725.TASA (8272) and we will make the changes for you.

All Others: If you are new to a district but had a MSC account while working at your previous district, please DO NOT create a new account. Log in using your previous username (district email address) and make changes to your profile (organization, position, email, etc.) in the My Account tab. Notify TASA Membership and Registration Services at 800.725.TASA (8272) and we will change your username as requested.

TASA Member Services Center

Order-Purchase-Payment Process

In the MSC, you may create or renew memberships on behalf of other individuals, save orders, and combine orders into a single purchase. Follow the steps below to complete the order-purchase-payment process.

Your membership and/or conference registration is NOT complete until you have completed all three steps in the process and clicked the “Finalize Order” button.

Create Order

1. Once logged in, click on the Membership tab to join/renew OR click on the Events tab and select the desired event to register.

2. Select the name of the person you are signing up for TASA membership / registering for an event from the organization contact list provided.

3. If joining/renewing, select the appropriate membership category. (Note that both the Active-Superintendent and Active-Other than Superintendent categories require that you enter the person’s gross annual salary.) If registering for an event, make selections in response to the choices given.

4. If joining/renewing, select any additional memberships with our partner organizations AASA, TALAS, TCPEA, or TCWSE and any district subscriptions (Legislative & Public Policy Services and/or School Transformation Network).

5. If you need to add another person’s membership or event registration to your order, click on Go Back to Picker. Then select memberships/subscriptions for additional people as needed.

6. Click Submit to create the order and proceed to Your Open Membership Order. Now onto Step 2: Create Purchase.

Create Purchase

1. Under Your Open Order, click on the Purchase button. (You may also Cancel the Order or Create an Event to add a conference or other event to the order.)

2. On the My Orders page, go to Saved Orders. If you have more than one Saved Order, you may add them individually to the Purchase (click the Add icon in the order) OR scroll down to the Process All Orders to Purchase.

3. Scroll down to My Purchase at the bottom of the page.

4. Click the Process This Purchase button to continue to Step 3: Process Payment.

Process Payment

1. Under Your Open Order, click on the Purchase button. (You may also Cancel the Order or Create an Event to add a conference or other event to the order.)

2. Under My Pending Purchase, choose one of the following:

Click Add Payment to This Purchase if you have a credit card or know the PO number you will use. On the next screen, select Purchase Order or Credit Card. Enter Billing and Payment Information as requested. Note: If using the purchase order option, you must have a valid PO number. Entering “pending” or anything other than a valid PO number will result in the purchase being returned to saved order state until a PO number is provided.

Click Print Purchase Req if you need to submit a purchase requisition to obtain a PO number. The Purchase Requisition is NOT an invoice, and your current Purchase is NOT yet complete. Your business office should return the purchase requisition to you with a valid PO number, at which time you can return to this screen to complete your purchase.

Click Cancel This Purchase if you are not yet ready to provide payment information. You will return the Purchase to Saved Order status.

3. On the Purchase & Payment screen, scroll down to My Payments. Click FINALIZE ORDER. This will complete the order-purchase-payment process and submit it to TASA.

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