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“Our head of Edu-Drone operations, Cade Garrett, along with our head of Edu-Drone curriculum, Dusty White, have prepared a video capturing the essence of continuing public education at a distance. Empty hallways, empty classrooms, and empty playgrounds have become the norm over the past four weeks. However, instruction, planning, and relationships have continued to be the focal point at RCISD.

“I can’t brag enough on our paraprofessionals who have not missed a day of helping teachers prepare, our teachers, who have learned how to instruct at a distance and evaluate student work at all hours of the day and night, our parents, who have worked hard to keep their students busy on their assignments (and learn a few new things themselves), our campus administrators, who are making home visits to struggling students and their families, and especially on our students, who are working hard to become a little smarter with each assignment that they complete.

“In addition to instructing at a distance, RCISD has been able to keep all of its interns working in internships. An example of this is the work that Edu-Make-It is doing to produce N-95 masks for neighboring hospitals. They are making about 25 per day, but have orders of over 500 to fill. See video by the local news station of the first delivery of masks to Abilene Regional Hospital.”

Submitted by Andrew J. Wilson, Provost, Roscoe Collegiate ISD

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