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The Senate Education Committee will meet at 9 a.m., Wednesday, March 29, to hear testimony (limited to two minutes person) on the following bills:

  • SB 13 (Paxton, et al.) relates to a school district’s library materials and catalog, the creation of local school library advisory councils, and parental rights regarding public school library catalogs and access by the parent’s child to library materials and to affirmative defenses to prosecution for certain offenses involving material or conduct that is obscene or otherwise harmful to children.
  • SB 163 (Campbell, et al.) relates to parental approval for a student’s participation in human sexuality instruction in public schools.
  • SB 164 (Campbell) relates to the display of the national motto and the founding documents of the United States in public schools and the inclusion of an elective course on the founding principles of the United States in the curriculum for public high school students.
  • SB 544 (Blanco, et al.) relates to the issuance of a teaching certificate to certain applicants with experience as instructors for the Community College of the Air Force.
  • SB 662 (LaMantia) relates to the implementation of telehealth services programs at certain public primary and secondary schools and the appointment of a telehealth services program task force to conduct a study and issue a report concerning the implementation of those programs. This bill was removed from the agenda March 28.
  • SB 1396 (Middleton) relates to a period of prayer and Bible reading in public schools.
  • SB 1861 (Bettencourt, et al.) relates to the provision of virtual education in public schools and to certain waivers and modifications by the commissioner of education to the method of calculating average daily attendance in an emergency or crisis for purposes of preserving school district funding entitlements under the Foundation School Program during that emergency or crisis. The bill also authorizes a fee.
  • SB 2089 (Creighton) relates to the instructional material list and supplemental instructional materials adopted by the State Board of Education.
  • SB 2482 (Menéndez) relates to Holocaust Remembrance Week in public schools.
  • SB 2565 (Creighton, et al.) relates to instructional material and technology, the adoption and revision of essential knowledge and skills of the public school foundation curriculum, and creating allotments for the procurement of certain instructional materials under the Foundation School Program. The bill also authorizes a fee.

If providing written testimony, please submit 15 copies to committee staff at the hearing with your name on each copy.

Watch the live hearing online at 9 a.m. Wednesday.