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As House Bill (HB) 3, “The Texas Plan” for school finance, heads to the floor of the Texas House Wednesday, April 3, TASA is pleased to share a new video that emphasizes the essential role that public education plays in the future of the Texas economy.

The video, produced in partnership with Huckabee, stresses that a commitment to education — especially to full-day pre-K, better pay for all school employees, school safety and security, and innovative programs that prepare students for their future — is an investment in the success of Texas.

The video highlights several of TASA’s legislative priorities, including: funding full-day pre-K programs for all students regardless of eligibility requirements; local discretion on spending to ensure that the needs of students, staff, and communities are met; and local control and flexibility, as school districts must be able to respond to the differing needs of students, educators, parents, and communities they serve.

HB 3—an omnibus school finance proposal—is aligned with these priorities and provides $6.3 billion in additional revenue to benefit Texas students.

“HB 3 is landmark legislation that takes advantage of a once-in-a-generation-opportunity to dramatically improve funding for Texas public schools and transform the system,” said TASA Executive Director Kevin Brown. “TASA greatly appreciates the leadership of Speaker Bonnen and Chairman Huberty for filing HB 3, as well as their commitment to public education and the 5.4 million students served in Texas public schools.”

TASA encourages members and all others who support public education to share the video, “It All Starts Here,” and call on their representatives in the Texas House to support HB 3. TASA members are also encouraged to be present at the Capitol April 3 during consideration of the bill on the House floor. A strong presence will set the tone for the importance of this legislation and send the message to House members that we agree with their mantra for this session: “The Time is Now.”

While the House is set to convene on the floor at 10 a.m., action on HB 3 is not expected until 12 p.m. or later. Those who plan to come to the Capitol April 3 should let their House member know in advance that they will be in the House gallery supporting passage of the bill, and while at the Capitol, visit their senator’s office to stress the importance of discretionary funding for school districts.