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Last June, the TASA leadership posted this message following the death of George Floyd to acknowledge the problems our country faces with racism and inequity, and to express our organization’s commitment to “discussion, self-reflection, and action – not silence” to “address these inequities and injustices.”

Today, in response to the tragic shootings in Georgia and the increasing number of incidents of violence and hateful rhetoric against Asian Americans since the beginning of the pandemic, TASA condemns these heinous acts that have no place in our nation or in any civilized nation. We stand in support of Asian Americans across our state and country. All American citizens deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, to be safe in their homes and workplaces, and to have equal opportunity to pursue the American dream. Until every one of us is treated as such, none of us, nor our nation, will reach our full potential. We must do better, and we can do better.

TASA continues to strive to be an organization with an inclusive, diverse membership that is representative of the students we serve, and one in which every member feels that they belong.

Our Committee on Race, Equity, and Diversity – begun last summer – continues to work to determine: 1) ways that TASA can support and nurture an inclusive environment for all members; 2) what services can be offered and resources provided for schools; and 3) how superintendents and school boards can work together to address these issues.

TASA remains committed to doing its part to defeat racism and increase equity and diversity in our state and nation.