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TASA is excited to announce a new partnership with lead4ward to provide accountability support to association members and other interested education stakeholders through accountabilityconnect. This subscription-based support service is designed to help school leaders and others understand state and federal assessment and accountability systems and stay current on changes and developments in the areas of instruction, assessment, and accountability.

TASA is phasing out the TASA Accountability Forum. The subscriptions for all entities that are part of the 2021-22 TASA Accountability Forum will expire August 31, 2022.

Why are we making the change?

The TASA Visioning Document guides all the work TASA does. The aspirations of the visioning document are carried out in actionable ways through the TASA Strategic Framework. Those documents focus on a system of public schools that foster innovation, creativity, and a thirst for learning — and one that champions new, more meaningful assessment and accountability measures as well as strong instructional practices.

TASA is collaborating with lead4ward to offer districts and ESCs accountabilityconnect because the service’s focus on classroom instruction and student learning aligns with that vision and the TASA Strategic Framework. It helps campus and district leaders make sense of the complexities surrounding assessment and accountability systems so that they can more effectively lead and support sound instructional practices. Ultimately this allows districts to connect accountability to instruction, benefiting teachers, students, staff, and the entire school community.

More information about accountabilityconnect is provided below and on via this link. Those who are already subscribed to accountabilityconnect don’t need to do anything. Membership will carry over to this new partnership at the same rate. Those who haven’t subscribed to accountabilityconnect in the past are encouraged to sign up for this valuable service for 2022-23. Please note that the subscription year for 2022-23 is May 1, 2022, through April 30, 2023. Once you join, you will be given access to all webinars held since May 1.

Why join accountabilityconnect?

  1. Accountability System Development – ongoing support relating to the issuance of accountability ratings in August 2022 for the 2021-22 school year, and the development, redesign and implementation of the A-F accountability system for the 2022-23 school year
  2. Transition to STAAR 2.0 – ongoing updates relating to the transition to STAAR 2.0 in spring 2023 (new item types, new test design, new modality of testing) and implications for instruction, professional development and data analysis
  3. Data Tools and Templates – ongoing development and support of data views and “think throughs” designed to assist district and campus leaders in understanding their data and identifying areas or issues for strategic planning and initiatives
  4. Assessment Literacy – ongoing support designed to assist campus and district leaders in better understanding the variety of assessment tools that are available to districts (e.g., formative assessments, interim assessments, summative assessments), with a focus on maximizing the effectiveness of assessment data analysis to improve and support classroom instruction and student learning
  5. Legislative Updates – access to the latest legislative updates from the TASA team regarding all assessment, accountability, and instructional issues that are relevant to your district
  6. Return on Investment – ultimately, we believe this service will provide our members much greater value as well as lower cost

How much does it cost?

Subscription rates for districts are based on the number of campuses. At $1,000 per year for districts with one campus, $2,500 per year for districts with two to 10 campuses, and $4,500 for districts with 11+ campuses, accountabilityconnect is less expensive than TASA’s Accountability Forum for most districts, and a better value for all districts. ESCs may join for a flat annual fee of $2,000 — less than half the cost of an Accountability Forum subscription!

What’s included in the annual subscription?

  • 18 scheduled webinars (with additional webinars added on an as-needed basis and previous webinars available for viewing as well) The next one is July 21!
  • Telephone, text, email or virtual on-request support
  • Presentation templates for public hearings or board meetings
  • Ongoing development of data tools and resources to help analyze and evaluate academic growth and performance
  • Additional materials designed to synthesize and summarize assessment and accountability requirements

TASA is pleased to be able to partner with lead4ward to offer such a robust program for 2022-23!

For more information regarding lead4ward and accountabilityconnect, visit the lead4ward website.