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In July 2021, TASA launched the Executive Superintendent program, which was designed to provide TASA members with access to an extensive and diverse cadre of experienced former superintendents — TASA Executive Superintendents — with an array of combined expertise. The program combines the previous superintendent-in-residence and member services representative programs. Through the program, TASA members have access to 10 executive superintendents, each dedicated to serving administrators in two ESC regions. These executive superintendents serve as an extension of TASA staff and are on hand to support TASA members in a variety of ways, with an emphasis on helping new superintendents navigate the role. As seasoned administrators, these superintendents are able to listen and provide support based on their own experiences. Below we introduce you to the TASA Executive Superintendent for ESC Regions 18 and 19, Sherri Bays.

For as long as Sherri Bays can remember, she knew she wanted to work in education.

“I was that kid in the summer, we’d get together in the garage and play school, and I was always the teacher. I honestly never considered doing anything else.”

After more than 30 years working in Texas public school districts, Bays recently retired from the superintendency in Floresville ISD, a position she held for the last eight years of her career. She spent most of that career in Floresville, with brief teaching and principal stints in Beeville and Kenedy ISDs. Bays started her work in education as a first-grade teacher, a role she held for seven years before making the move into administration — a step that came thanks to the encouragement of her peers.

“I had a principal who saw leadership qualities in me,” she says. “So, she put me into leadership roles and encouraged me to take advantage of opportunities to broaden my impact. And I really try to do the same with others as well, trying to grow people the way I felt like I have been grown.”

While serving as an assistant principal, Bays joined TASA and attended a Midwinter Conference. From then on, the association became one of the two groups she couldn’t imagine doing her job without, along with her education service center.

“I love the innovation and camaraderie that comes with TASA,” she says. “Some of the most successful initiatives that I’ve been a part of have been ideas that started at Midwinter or TASA|TASB.”

Bays says that being a TASA member helped her develop a network of school administrators across the state who were available when she needed assistance or support in her role.

“The networking is invaluable. And they care about every individual. Even little old Sherri Bays in Floresville, I could reach out to Brian Woods at Northside in San Antonio, and he would take my call and help talk me through a situation.”

Bays retired from Floresville to spend more time with her family, but she is still able to advocate for and support public school administrators as a TASA executive superintendent for regions 18 and 19. She was excited to receive the offer and says she’s happy to stay involved and help superintendents in any way that she can.

“I may not always know the answer, but TASA is such a diverse group of leaders that I can reach out and we can figure out how to provide assistance when it’s needed.”

As an executive superintendent, Bays works hard to build relationships with superintendents in her regions and support them in their work. She keeps them informed of the opportunities TASA has to offer them, such as the Future-Ready Superintendents Leadership Network and Texas Public Accountability Consortium.

A lifelong advocate for public education, Bays ends each conversation with the superintendents she supports by letting them know that she is there to help, no matter what they need. For her, it’s about continuing to support the progress of public education across the state.

“When [TASA Executive Director] Kevin Brown talks about public education being the foundation of our democracy, that resonates with me,” Bays says. “There’s got to be voices for public education. We have to make sure that we’re working to tell their stories. I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”

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