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The House Select Committee on Youth Health & Safety will meet Monday, March 13, at 2:30 p.m. or upon final adjournment of the House on the following bills:

  • HB 195 (Mary González) relates to provisions and plans by public schools to ensure the safety of individuals with disabilities during a disaster or emergency situation.
  • HB 473 (Hull) relates to parental rights regarding a threat assessment of a student conducted by a public school’s threat assessment and safe and supportive school team.
  • HB 669 (Thierry | et al. ) relates to school districts and open-enrollment charter schools providing panic alert devices in classrooms.
  • HB 828 (Dutton) relates to the age of criminal responsibility and to certain substantive and procedural matters related to that age.
  • HB 1147 (Gervin-Hawkins) relates to the regulation of bleeding control stations in public schools.
  • HB 1157 (Lozano) relates to excused absences from public school for certain students to attend mental health care appointments.
  • HB 1358 (Harless) relates to the content of a public school campus improvement plan.

Watch the hearing live on Monday, March 13.

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