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The House Public Education Committee will meet at 8 a.m., Tuesday, May 16, to hear testimony on the following Senate bills:

  • SB 418 (Paxton et al.) permits students to transfer to any public school that has student capacity available and also prohibits school districts from charging these students tuition.
  • SB 1087 (Schwertner) allows students to earn more than one subsidy for completing an industry certification exam as part of a school career and technology program and allows a teacher to receive a subsidy for any CTE industry certification instead of just a cybersecurity certification.
  • SB 1647 (Parker) allows school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to use public or private community-based dropout recovery education programs to provide an alternative for students who are deemed by administrators, counselors, or teachers as being at high-risk.
  • SB 2497 (Middleton, et al.) allows school districts and charter schools that offer alternative language educational methods to receive a weighted allotment of 0.15 for students enrolled in the programs. The bill also directs PEIMS to report additional information, and classify the methods of instructions under these programs. The amount of alternative language method programs that may be approved by TEA is limited to $10 million per biennium.

Watch the live hearing at 8 a.m. Tuesday.