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TASA’s “Inspiring Leaders” tagline is not just a reminder of TASA’s commitment to leadership development; it describes our members themselves — school leaders who inspire others as they work to prepare future-ready students. Meet Macy Satterwhite, one of those Inspiring Leaders.

Lubbock-Cooper ISD is home to Macy Satterwhite, who serves as the district’s deputy superintendent. Despite being a fast-growing 5A district, LCISD has a small-town feel, and it’s one of Satterwhite’s favorite things about working there.

“We treat each other as family,” Satterwhite says. “We care about each other, take care of each other, cry with each other, and cheer for each other.”

Cathy Wright, the superintendent’s secretary in LCISD, says Satterwhite has helped make the district what it is today.

“Macy’s smile lights up a room and keeps everyone she works with motivated and inspired,” Wright says. “Dr. Satterwhite makes sure our teachers are of top quality, which makes LCISD one of the best districts around. She is an absolute joy to work with.”

In a position that can be challenging and stressful at times, Satterwhite focuses on her students to get her through the tough times. After all, she chose to work in education because she wanted to help children and felt called to serve.

“When my job becomes overwhelming, I make my way into a classroom where I get to see the hard work our teachers do to bring learning to life for our students,” Satterwhite says. “I see the students learning, growing, working, playing, sharing and creating, and I am inspired again to get to work smoothing the path for our teachers and our students to accomplish great things.”

LCISD Director of Counseling and Assessment Pam Brown says Satterwhite is highly respected in the district, due to not only her educational background, but her ability to make a human connection with the teachers and administrators she leads.

“Being in education for 49 years, I know how rare it is in a leader to find both expertise and warmth in abundance,” Brown says.

“Macy has the most infectious and joyous laugh of anyone you will ever meet; it draws people to her. You can watch her walk around any campus and see teachers, office staff, parents and even kids line up to give her a hug and to hear that laugh.”

Satterwhite is proud of the work she has done for TASA, including being part of the Future-Ready Superintendents Leadership Network, being a member of the Texas Public Accountability Consortium and serving on a number of other committees designed to promote the group’s vision and mission. Through her TASA membership, Satterwhite has made connections with educational leaders across the state who share her passion and commitment to Texas public education.

“Because of my connections through TASA, I can pick up the phone and call colleagues across the state to seek advice or get input,” Satterwhite says. “Educators really are the best people in the world, and they are always willing to share ideas and resources with one another.”