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Notice of Informal Review to Appeal SHARS Reimbursements Due Tuesday, January 16, to HHSC

TEA sent a TAA last week (January 11) related to reimbursement changes related to SHARS. The TEA correspondence included important information on the deadlines related to appealing the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s (HHSC) proposed settlement notices, which were sent to school districts on December 15, 2023, via the State of Texas Automated Information Reporting System (STAIRS).

The first critical deadline in this process is January 16, 2024, by which school districts must submit a written request for an informal review to HHSC’s Provider Finance Department on whether they “Agree” or “Disagree” with the proposed settlement. If school districts fail to send a response, the proposed reimbursements from HHSC will become final as if the district agreed to the proposed settlement amount.

In addition:
An LEA must, with its request for an informal review, submit a concise statement of the specific actions or determinations it disputes, its recommended resolution, and any supporting documentation the LEA deems relevant to the dispute. It is the responsibility of the LEA to render all pertinent information at the time of its request for an informal review. Disputed actions or determinations that are not explicitly stated in the request will not be considered by HHSC, and failure of HHSC to act on implied items of dispute will not be considered grounds for a formal appeal. A request for an informal review that does not meet the requirements of this paragraph will not be accepted. Find more information.

School districts may want to consider submitting a request for an informal review by HHSC that “Disagrees” with their proposed settlement agreement to preserve their ability to dispute the proposed settlement should it be necessary after further review from the school district. Districts using SHARS consultants and vendors for services may want to reach out to those providers for additional information and guidance.

Read the TEA TAA letter on this matter dated January 11.