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On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, the House Public Education Committee met to hear testimony on these bills. They also voted out the following bills, which will go to the full House for consideration:

  • HB 1206 (Guillen) prohibits the financial accountability system from including any indicator or performance measure that would include any amount a district must spend to comply with the provisions related to local revenue in excess of entitlement in a district’s ratio of assets to liabilities.
  • SCR 38 (Kolkhorst) changes the date designating Texas High School Coaches Day from April 6 to November 3.
  • SB 2069 (Bettencourt) removes the requirement for private schools to post signs regarding human trafficking penalties. Public schools would still be required to post the signs.
  • SB 2124 (Creighton) requires school districts to establish an opt-out policy to enroll students who are performing in the top two quintiles (40%) on the fifth grade state standardized assessment or a local measure that includes class score and/or demonstrated proficiency in classwork, into accelerated math in sixth grade to improve chances of gaining access to Algebra I in eighth grade.
  • SB 763 (Middleton) would permit a school district to hire a school chaplain to perform the duties required of a school counselor. The funding for school chaplains would be allocated out of funds to promote school safety.