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This fall, TASA will launch two new networks designed to help and support school leaders.

Small Texas school districts share their own special set of challenges, so TASA is launching a Small Schools Network (SSN) to provide further support — through customized professional development and networking events — to districts with fewer than 1,200 students.

Network events will be a combination of in-person and virtual. Modeled after TASA’s extremely popular Future-Ready Superintendents Network (FRSLN), in-person events will be hosted by small districts (including Blue Ridge and Port Aransas ISDs!), where participants will have the opportunity to visit campuses and learn directly from district leaders and educators how they are leveraging their strengths and overcoming challenges.

“We are so excited to launch the Small Schools Network,” says Jill Siler, TASA Deputy Executive Director, Professional Learning. “As a former small schools superintendent, I know the tremendous opportunities and challenges these districts face. We are excited to provide a network to connect these incredible leaders and share best practices and ideas.”

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TASA is redesigning our School Transformation Network (STN) to better complement TASA’s other school transformation-focused networks, such as FRSLN and the Texas Public Accountability Consortium (TPAC), which focus on accountability and instructional practices. The new STN will focus on “transforming the basics” — finance, staffing, board relations, and more — the systems that support instruction.

Districts that participate in the new STN will have the opportunity to invite as many of their campus/district leaders as they like to participate in a series of six “power hour” virtual events throughout the school year. The online format of these events will allow more school leaders to participate, expanding the range of perspectives that participants will hear as they engage in discussion and learning on topics relevant to their day-to-day challenges.

“Exciting changes are ahead for TASA’s School Transformation Network, with the new focus on ‘transforming the basics,'” says Charles Dupre, TASA Deputy Executive Director, Member Engagement & Support. “Each of the new online events will include breakout sessions that will allow participants to learn from and with leaders from districts of all sizes, as well as breakout sessions in which they will share ideas with leaders from districts sized similarly to theirs. Our goal is to help leaders from districts of all sizes to attain a transformational knowledge, skills, and mindset that can be applied in their unique districts.”

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Registration opens September 19. Watch TASA Daily for details!