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The House Public Education Committee will meet at 8 a.m, Tuesday, March 21, to hear testimony on the following bills:

  • HB 166 (Mary González) is related to the appointment of an educational representative for certain students with disabilities.
  • HB 900 (Patterson, et al.) is related to the regulation of books sold to or included in public school libraries.
  • HB 1605 (Buckley) is related to instructional material and technology, the adoption and revision of essential knowledge and skills of the public school foundation curriculum, and creating allotments for the procurement of certain instructional materials under the Foundation School Program; authorizing a fee.
  • HB 1614 (Dutton) is related to the eligibility for free preK programs in public schools of certain children who are eligible for the subsidized child-care program administered by the Texas Workforce Commission. Currently, children who are at least 3 and meet certain qualifications are eligible to enroll in a free preK class. These qualifications include such factors as: educationally disadvantaged; child of a member of the armed services; homeless; unable to speak, among others. HB 1614 would provide that ANY child who is 3 years old is eligible to enroll in free preK if: the class is provided through a public/private partnership between a school district/open-enrollment charter school and a community-based child-care provider AND the child is eligible for subsidized child-care services through the program administered by the Texas Workforce Commission.
  • HB 1662 (Burns) is related to certain requirements and procedures regarding the posting of a school district’s employment policy on the district’s Internet website.
  • HB 2162 (Dutton) addresses various aspects of reading instruction and dyslexia intervention in public schools and open-enrollment charter schools. Find a full summary by searching for HB 2162 in TASA’s Bill Tracker.
  • HB 2484 (Guillen) is related to the safety of a referee, judge, or other official at a public school extracurricular activity and prohibiting certain conduct by a spectator related to those officials’ safety.
  • HB 2729 (Cody Harris) is related to staff member requirements for high-quality preK programs.
  • HB 2929 (Lozano) is related to continuing education and training requirements for classroom teachers and public school counselors.
  • HB 2923 (Dutton) is related to the operation of free preK programs by certain school districts and to the early education allotment under the Foundation School Program.

Public testimony will be limited to three minutes.

Watch the hearing live at 8 a.m. Monday.