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AUSTIN – The Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) applauds the tireless and valiant work of Speaker Joe Straus and House Public Education Chairman Dan Huberty on HB 21. For the first time in decades, the Legislature had the chance to take steps toward fixing Texas’ broken school finance system with HB 21 as passed by the House. The bill would have added $1.9 billion to public schools, and reduced the burden on local taxpayers, who pick up a growing share of public education funding as the state’s share plummets.

“We are disappointed that the Senate poisoned HB 21 with the addition of a voucher program that they knew the House would not accept,” said TASA Executive Director Johnny L. Veselka. “For the last 20 years, Texans have repeatedly said ‘no’ to attempts to divert taxpayer dollars without any financial or academic accountability. That has not changed, no matter how those attempts are packaged.”

TASA is the professional association for Texas school administrators, providing networking and professional learning opportunities, legislative advocacy, and targeted communications to support the work of superintendents and other school leaders. TASA’s mission is to promote, provide and develop leaders who create and sustain student-centered schools and develop future-ready students.