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Effective September 1, TASA Executive Superintendent Sherri Bays will work alongside school leaders in ESC Regions 18 and 20 (previously 18 and 19). Bays will serve an expanded role in Region 20 as part of an innovative new partnership between TASA and ESC 20 that is intended to ensure new superintendents in Region 20 receive timely, effective support during their first years of district leadership.

“I am excited about this partnership with Region 20 to provide more intensive support to superintendents in the area, especially given the large number of new superintendents in the area,” said TASA Executive Director Kevin Brown. “We feel this added support is critical to the success of school leaders, and Region 20 is a superb partner in this endeavor.”

In addition to her role as TASA executive superintendent, Bays will be a part-time member of the ESC 20 Field Services team that provides a wide variety of assistance to new superintendents. She has experience serving in Region 20, having retired from Floresville ISD after eight years as superintendent and a total of 26 years with the district.

“Our TASA superintendents are excited about this new partnership with TASA. We have 12 first-time superintendents in the region this year,” said ESC Region 20 Executive Director Jeff Goldhorn. “The intentional collaboration with TASA will allow for a strategic and aligned support system for these new district leaders. The expertise that Dr. Sherri Bays will bring to the role of Field Service Agent/TASA Executive Superintendent will be of great value to our superintendents. I look forward to a successful partnership with our friends and colleagues at TASA.”

ESC Region 20 was previously served by TASA Executive Superintendent Art Cavazos. He is currently coaching several superintendents in Region 19, and the change will allow him to work with more school leaders in ESC Regions 1 and 19.

TASA executive superintendents serve as an extension of the TASA staff and are on hand to support TASA members in a variety of ways, with an emphasis on helping new superintendents navigate the role. As seasoned administrators, these retired superintendents are able to listen and provide support based on their own experiences. They should be TASA members’ “go-to” on matters related to public school leadership, career pathways, and the transformation of Texas public education.

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