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The federal government is providing billions in COVID-19 relief funding to public schools across the country. Texas initially received $1.3 billion in federal stimulus funding intended for schools in spring 2020. However, Texas schools did not see any additional money because the state diverted these funds to fill other state budget holes.

Now, another $5.5 billion in federal funds promised to Texas schools hangs in the balance.

Through shared messaging, we can change the conversation and ensure dollars earmarked for public education remain in public education. Please join Raise Your Hand Texas and TASA by spreading the word through your networks using the fact sheet, video, and graphics that can be found here and by using the hashtag #FundTxEdRecovery.

As you know, digging out of this crisis will take more than just sustaining current funding levels for public education. Additional funds for interventions, improved broadband access, and extended instructional time are necessary to prevent lasting harm to students and to position them and state for a strong recovery. Because a strong Texas recovery requires a strong recovery for our public schools.

Many of our state leaders have said that we can’t allow this health crisis to become a generational education crisis. We couldn’t agree more. We must tell lawmakers that federal funds intended for education must stay in education. We must tell them to stop diverting funds designated for our schools, including the $5.5 billion currently on the table. We must tell them to invest those funds in our future.

Thanks so much for your help amplifying this campaign and also for your ongoing work.