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The Senate Education Committee reconvened on Monday, May 22, and voted out the following House bills related to K-12:

  • HB 114 (Thompson) gives public schools discretion in placing in a DAEP a student who possesses, uses, or is under the influence of marijuana on or near school property or while attending a school activity, but provides for mandatory drug and alcohol awareness programs for such a student.
  • HB 2273 (Oliverson, et al.) amends the essential knowledge and skills required to be adopted by the State Board of Education for the foundation curriculum related to civic knowledge to include an understanding of political ideologies, such as communism and totalitarianism, that conflict with the founding principles of the United States.
  • HB 2285 (Noble, et al.) authorizes the board of trustees of specific districts to adopt resolutions, not later than December 31, 2023, changing the length of the terms of trustees.
  • HB 3708 (Buckley, et al.) entitles a school district, for each non-enrolled student who participated in a UIL activity for a school in a district that allowed participation of non-enrolled students as required by certain provisions, to an annual allotment of $1,500 per league activity in which the non-enrolled student participated.
  • HB 3991 (Isaac, et al.) designates the first Friday in April as Texas Fruit and Vegetable Day in schools to promote awareness of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables and to encourage students to consume more fruits and vegetables during Texas Fruit and Vegetable Month.

These bills will now go to the full Senate.