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The Select Youth Health & Safety Committee will meet Monday, April 3, 2023, at 2:30 p.m. or upon adjournment of the House to hear testimony on the following bills:

  • HB 185 (Mary González) relates to the inclusion of chronically absent students as students at risk of dropping out of school and the collection and reporting of data regarding those students.
  • HB 772 (Allen) would prohibit the use of corporal punishment (defined to include hitting, spanking, paddling, or deliberately inflicting physical pain by any means on the whole or any part of a student’s body as a penalty or punishment for the students behavior on or off campus) in public schools. Reasonable and necessary restraint would continue to be permitted. School districts would be permitted to bring a disciplinary proceeding against employees of the district who violate the prohibition on corporal punishment. District employees who violated the prohibition on corporal punishment would not be afforded immunity from liability or affirmative defenses available under the penal code or education code.
  • HB 773 (Allen) would prohibit public schools and open-enrollment charter school from communicating to parents about a disciplinary issue and then sending the student home prior to the end of the school day in instances where sending the child home is a disciplinary technique; or where a student’s behavior has impeded the student’s ability to learn but does not constitute a violation of the student code of conduct or require disciplinary action. Students who have been suspended or expelled could still be released to a parent prior to the end of the school day.
  • HB 1485 (Ramos) relates to staff development requirements for public educators regarding suicide prevention and other mental health training. This bill was removed from the agenda March 30.
  • HB 1927 (Hull) relates to a parent’s right to intervene in the apprehension by a peace officer of a child for an emergency detention and certain requirements and restrictions applicable to an emergency detention.
  • HB 1972 (Campos, et al.) relates to policies and procedures regarding children placed by the Department of Family and Protective Services in a residential treatment center or program.
  • HB 2090 (Manuel, et al.) relates to an elective course on community safety, firearm safety, and mental health for certain public high school students.
  • HB 2111 (Allison, et al.) would permit the chief of school safety and security for TEA to carry a weapon on the grounds of any school district or open-enrollment charter in the state so long as the chief is a commissioned peace officer or a current or former licensed federal law enforcement agent who is authorized to carry a weapon while on duty. Additionally, the bill would require that any person employed by the board trustees as security personnel and permitted to carry a weapon must be a commissioned police officer or a current or former licensed federal law enforcement agency authorized to carry a weapon while on duty.
  • HB 2126 (Goodwin) relates to information reported through the Public Education Information Management System and to parents regarding disciplinary measures used by a public school.
  • HB 2361 (Price) relates to the qualifications for a person to provide services as a mental health and substance use resource for school districts and the reporting of certain information regarding outcomes of those services.
  • HB 2812 (Burns) relates to the provision of school safety training to certain employees of a private religious academy or school who hold a license to carry a handgun.
  • HB 2919 (Ann Johnson) relates to the appointment of guardians ad litem for persons younger than 18 years of age in criminal and juvenile court proceedings.
  • HB 2976 (Guillen) relates to an elective course on firearms safety for public high school students.
  • HB 3255 (Manuel) relates to emergency response management training for certain administrators and security personnel at public schools.
  • HB 3642 (Talarico, et al.) relates to the permissible uses of the school safety allotment under the public school finance system.
  • HB 3648 (Guillen) relates to the composition of the board of directors of the Texas School Safety Center.
  • HB 4091 (Ann Johnson) relates to the mental health needs of a minor in the managing conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.
  • HB 4824 (Herrero) relates to the employment of armed commissioned security officers as school district security personnel.

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