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Exceptional superintendents are innovative, committed, and always learning and improving because of their deep commitment to serve children, communities, and our nation. It is an incredible responsibility with endless possibilities, but one that requires constant attention to perfecting the craft of leadership.

Exceptional superintendents wrote the TASA visioning document in 2008, and yet another exceptional group created the TASA Strategic Framework in 2018. These dedicated leaders – champions of public education – envision a brighter future in which schools are more student-facing, innovative, relevant, engaging, challenging, and inspiring.

To that end, TASA has been completely focused on fulfilling our vision by providing professional development to Texas school leaders that models what we want for our children. Initiatives like our Future-Ready Superintendent Leadership Network (FRSLN), Texas Public Accountability Consortium (TPAC), Aspiring Superintendents Academy, and First-Time Superintendents Academy all provide learning opportunities that will help us achieve our vision.

Based on requests from superintendents to provide learning opportunities that would bring the vision to a wider group of school leaders, TASA partnered with N2 Learning last year. The folks at N2 Learning have been involved in the TASA vision from the very beginning, so we believe our common values make for a great partnership. Together we offered the Assistant Principal Leadership Academy, which provides rich learning experiences focused on how schools can transform their school systems from the campus level up.

Now, TASA is extending that partnership to include the Principals’ Institute, which N2 Learning has conducted for a number of years, and the Executive Leadership Institute. ELI is a new initiative that will give our school executives cutting edge leadership development so they can be the very best. In sports, the most elite athletes have coaches who help them hone their craft. Even Tiger Woods and Roger Federer have coaches who work with them on a daily basis, finding small improvements that make a big difference. That is what this institute is about – providing coaches so our strongest leaders can be even stronger.

We hope many of the participants in these offerings will grow to become the next generation of innovative superintendents and that, through their shared learning experiences, they will create a network of support for one another. Being a school leader can be a lonely job, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Participating in any one of the offerings connects you to other leaders in a powerful way, giving you information, support, and friendships that will strengthen you. As the saying goes, “Iron sharpens iron.”

Now, more than ever, our Texas public schools need strong leaders. Our mission is develop and provide those strong leaders – future-ready leaders who believe in a new vision for Texas public schools. Our partnership is one way we are working to achieve that mission.

-TASA Executive Director Kevin Brown, Ed.D.