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TASA’s “Inspiring Leaders” tagline is not just a reminder of TASA’s commitment to leadership development; it describes our members themselves — school leaders who inspire others as they work to prepare future-ready students. Meet Diane Frost, one of those Inspiring Leaders.

Dr. Diane Frost has served as superintendent of Corsicana ISD for the last 11 years, with a vision of addressing the needs of all students while supporting them so that they can someday accomplish their dreams. During her time leading the district, Frost brought The Penguin Project to Corsicana. The Penguin Project is a national program that involves students with special needs in theater programs. Through the program, students of all abilities performed “Annie, Jr.,” for an audience of 1,400 in the spring.

“The support of Dr. Diane Frost regarding this initiative has empowered students of all abilities to make new friends, build confidence and defy stereotypes often tied to special needs students,” says Susan Johnson, Corsicana ISD’s executive director of communications, marketing and PR. “This unifying initiative has made a significantly positive impact in our school district as well as our community.”

Frost says that what makes her most proud of Corsicana are the staff members and their dedication to the students in the district.

“Despite having their own obstacles and personal struggles throughout the pandemic, they continued to support our students and respond to their needs academically, socially and emotionally,” Frost says. “They are the unsung heroes for prioritizing the well-being of our students during such challenging times both personally and professionally, and their resilience has served as a model for our students.”

Leading a school district is never an easy job, especially over the last couple of years. Frost says what keeps her going when things get challenging is to remember that her actions serve as a model for others.

“Our collective response to adversity helps us as a team to encourage one another and achieve success, even when it at first may seem unreachable,” she says. “In Corsicana ISD, our staff chooses to respond with positivity every day in ways that support our students.”

For Frost, mentorship and collaboration between administrators is key to becoming an inspiring leader. She believes that the best leaders work to develop new leaders through growth, giving and sharing.

“I am in the position I am today because of great leaders and mentors who cared enough to help me see my future. My greatest honor is to do the same for someone else.”