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TASA’s “Inspiring Leaders” tagline is not just a reminder of TASA’s commitment to leadership development; it describes our members themselves — school leaders who inspire others as they work to prepare future-ready students. Meet Anita Hebert, one of those Inspiring Leaders.

For two years, Dr. Anita Hebert has served as superintendent of Shallowater ISD in West Texas, a district with around 1,500 students. A West Texas native, Hebert says the people in the Shallowater ISD community make her proud to lead the district.

“We have incredibly hardworking, amazing staff who will go over the top to take care of business,” she says. “It is the true secret to our success. Working with people like this makes my job so rewarding.”

Jeni Neatherlin, superintendent of Granger ISD, says Hebert is a perfect fit for the district. “Anita leads with her words, actions and demeanor,” Hebert says. “She has such patience and fortitude. Her words inspire others, and she leads her community with a calm approach.”

Ever since she was in first grade, Hebert knew she wanted to be an educator. With an extensive career that began in 1997 in Clint ISD, she has worked in a handful of Texas school districts, and says she truly loves coming to work each day.

“All my decisions revolve around how we can make a difference for those who stand in front of our kids every day and change their lives. Teachers are the heart of education, and I try never to lose sight of that.”

Hebert says mentoring is an important part of being an administrator, and she is happy to support others in the ways she herself has received support, something that’s appreciated by her peers.

“Anita has a teaching style in her leading and I enjoy our discussions, because her style always adds to how I will approach challenges in our district,” Neatherlin says.

“Mentoring is important to me because of the respect I feel for those who invested in me,” Hebert says. “They helped guide me and give me sound principles of leadership. By working with others and offering them principles of leadership, I can pay it forward and invest in the foundations of the future. Excellence is transcendent of generations and matters today and tomorrow.”