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TASA’s INSIGHT journal and Texas School Business magazine are entering a new era. Beginning with the fall 2019 issue of INSIGHT and the September/October 2019 issue of Texas School Business, these publications will be available exclusively online, easily accessible and readable via issuu — the platform through which many TASA members and other Texas school leaders already read them online.

We know many people are fond of their paper copies — we love a good book in our hands too — so moving the publications online was a decision TASA did not take lightly. Last winter, TASA conducted a random survey of members, asking about reading habits and favorite sections of the publications. An overwhelming majority of readers were in favor of the change in the interest of saving printing and mailing costs, as well as trees.

The change will benefit TASA members in a number of ways:

Ease of access – Online publications can be read anywhere, anytime! When the latest issue is ready, we will send TASA members an email that includes a link. With just a click, you will go directly to the publication. We will also include links to the latest issues in the TASA Daily e-newsletter as a reminder.

Flexible format – Just as with a print publication, you’ll be able to flip through the pages to see which articles interest you, but online, you will have the added option of increasing the size of the text to suit you. You will also be able to simply click on an advertisement or link in an article to visit a website or watch a video to learn more about the product or service. The issuu platform even allows you to search the publication by keyword!

Highlighting excellence in schools – With the capability of providing links to videos, TASA will be better able to share the exciting work that is occurring in schools across Texas. Seeing a photo is one thing, but watching a video of an innovative program in action is an entirely different experience.

More timely information – Because we won’t be printing or mailing the publications (typically at least a 14-day process), the information you receive will be more up to date. No more lag time!

Cost savings – We want to spend your TASA membership dues both cost-effectively and on the initiatives that benefit you the most. By moving the publications exclusively online, we’re able to reallocate thousands of dollars from printing and mailing to other efforts that further the TASA mission, all while providing you with the same great content.

Reduction of waste – While we hope that you’ve been passing your TASA magazines around to other school leaders, they do eventually require a trip to the recycling center. No paper means less waste and clutter on your desk! If you ever want to see a past issue, you can simply visit our online archives.

We hope you are looking forward to the next issue of Texas School Business (arriving in your email inbox mid-August) and INSIGHT (arriving mid-September).

How to Ensure You Receive INSIGHT and Texas School Business via Email

  • All TASA members for whom we have email addresses on file will automatically begin to receive the magazines via email. If you already receive TASA Daily and Capitol Watch Alert emails from TASA, you don’t need to do anything (except renew your membership for 2019-20!).
  • If you are not receiving TASA Daily or Capitol Watch Alert emails from TASA, please contact us at so we can troubleshoot the problem.

As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for topics to be covered in either publication, please provide your input to Dacia Rivers, our editorial director for INSIGHT and Texas School Business. We look forward to continuing our tradition of quality content in the new online format.