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The House Public Education Committee met Tuesday to hear testimony on these bills. They started the hearing by voting out the following bills, which will now go to the full House for consideration:

  • HCR 34 (Holland) designates February 10 as Crossing Guard Appreciation Day for a 10-year period ending in 2033.
  • HCR 110 (Burns) designates October 5 as Texas Teachers’ Day for a 10-year period ending in 2033.
  • CSSB 629 (Menendez), the identical companion to Rep. Talarico’s HB 2411, which was heard in this committee last month. The bill requires school districts to adopt and implement a policy regarding the maintenance, administration, and disposal of opioid antagonists at each campus that serves students in grades 6-12 and authorizes districts to adopt and implement such a policy at each campus, including those serving students in a grade level below grade 6.
  • SB 1471 (Bettencourt), the identical companion to Rep. Noble’s HB 3202, requires TEA to subscribe to the criminal history clearinghouse and authorizes the agency to obtain from any law enforcement or criminal justice agency all criminal history record information and all records contained in any closed criminal investigation file that relate to a specific applicant for employment or current or former employee of certain entities, including a private school that is accredited by an accrediting agency that is a member of the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.
  • SB 1506 (Hughes), the identical companion to Rep. Clardy’s HB 3610, requires TEA to post a form on the agency’s website that can be used by parents for submitting a seizure management and treatment plan to districts and specifies what information should be collected on the form.