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The Texas House Public Education Committee has posted a hearing notice for 10:30 a.m. (or upon final adjournment/recess of the House), Tuesday, August 24. The committee will hear testimony on the following bills:

HB 28 Toth | et al.
Relating to curriculum, materials, and activities in public schools.

SB 2 Perry | et al.
Relating to requiring public school students to compete in interscholastic athletic competitions based on biological sex.

SB 3 Hughes | et al.
Relating to civics training programs for certain public school social studies teachers and principals, parental access to certain learning management systems, and certain curriculum in public schools, including certain instructional requirements and prohibitions.

SB 9 Huffman | et al.
Relating to requiring public schools to provide instruction and materials and adopt policies relating to the prevention of child abuse, family violence, and dating violence.

SB 15 Taylor | et al.
Relating to virtual and off-campus electronic instruction at a public school, the satisfaction of teacher certification requirements through an internship teaching certain virtual courses, and the allotment for certain special-purpose school districts under the Foundation School Program.

Watch the hearing.