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The Senate Education Committee will meet at 9 a.m., Wednesday, April 12, 2023, to hear testimony on the following bills:

  • SB 1261 (Paxton) relates to accelerated instruction provided to public school students who fail to achieve satisfactory performance on certain assessment instruments.
  • SB 588 (Hughes) relates to creating a temporary educator certification for certain military service members and first responders.
  • SB 472 (Hughes, et al.) relates to the applicability of certain laws to open-enrollment charter schools.
  • SB 2124 (Creighton) relates to requiring an opt-out policy for accelerated mathematics courses for certain students.
  • SB 1474 (Bettencourt, et al.) relates to special education in public schools, including the special education allotment under the Foundation School Program, an education savings account program for certain children with disabilities, and a grant program to reimburse public schools for the cost of certain employer contributions for retirees of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas employed to teach special education.
  • SB 245 (Perry, et al.) would make a variety of changes to the laws governing discipline in public schools. The bill also would address student access to certain mental health services. The bill would amend the law governing districts of innovation to require that those districts follow the provisions of Chapter 37 of the Education Code, which governs “discipline, law and order.” Read a full summary of the bill by searching for SB 245 in TASA’s Bill Tracker.
  • SB 789 (Johnson) relates to indicators of achievement, assignment of campus performance ratings, and academic distinction designations under the public school accountability system.
  • SB 2497 (Middleton, et al.) relates to the bilingual education allotment under the public school finance system.
  • SB 410 (Paxton, et al.) relates to fetal development instruction included as part of the public school health curriculum in certain grade levels.
  • SB 2069 (Bettencourt) relates to the required posting of signs regarding human trafficking penalties by certain schools.
  • SB 1087 (Schwertner) relates to authorization and reimbursement for certain examination fee subsidies paid for public school teachers and students.
  • SB 1664 (West) relates to the establishment of the school safety technical advisory committee and the school safety accountability program.
  • SB 1072 (Hughes) relates to local school health advisory councils and human sexuality instruction provided by public schools. This bill was added to the agenda April 11. 

Public testimony will be limited to two minutes. Those providing written testimony must bring 15 copies to committee staff at the hearing with their name on each copy.

See the hearing notice.

Watch the hearing live 9 a.m. Wednesday.