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On Monday, May 9, 2022, Gov. Greg Abbott made a public statement in which he expressed support for parents receiving public taxpayer dollars to pay for their children to attend private schools. This means that legislation to create a taxpayer-funded voucher program will likely be on the table during the next legislative session.

Legislation to allow for vouchers has been introduced — and failed to pass — in every Texas legislative session since 1995. However, due to the current political climate and the governor’s public support, the fight will likely continue in 2023.

TASA stands firm in its opposition to any state plan that would use vouchers, tax credits, taxpayer savings grants, tuition reimbursements, or any other means to divert public tax dollars to private entities, homeschooled students, or parents, with no academic or financial accountability or transparency to the state, taxpayers, or local communities.

Defeating voucher legislation once again will require reminding lawmakers of the damage they would do to Texas public schools and students.

TASA urges all school leaders to contact their representatives in the Texas House and Senate to discuss with them the impact that a voucher program would have on Texas public schools and students.

Look up who represents you.

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