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“Before spring break had even begun, Dr. Ott and the board were preparing for all of the contingencies, and Dr. Adams was pulling in her team to begin planning. By March 17, the C&I team had redesigned school as we know it. Resources were aligned, lessons were developed, meals were prepared and shared, and supplies for those most at need were ready to go before Monday, March 22.

“I have never seen a more coordinated and complete response to any event in my entire career. I am a member of the C&I team, but my role as accountability director was stunted when testing was eliminated. I had the privilege to watch the machine being built then come to life.

“I am proud to be a Temple Wildcat, especially during these times when our community needs strong district leadership and coordinated, caring student engagement.”

Temple ISD’s COVID-19 webpage features links to a variety of health and wellness resources in addition to the district’s remote learning guidelines and modified grading guidelines. Visitors can quickly find a staff directory, information on limiting the spread of illness, and other resources from Health Services.

Submitted by Karen A. Morgan, Ed.D., Director of Accountability and District Planning, Temple ISD

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